Jan 13, 2004 17:04:58
Just wondering if anyone can direct me to additional information on Eyebite. It falls in the domain of Greyhawk and is southeast of Narwell, inland of the Wild Coast. Is there anything official on it?

Thanks in advance!


Jan 13, 2004 18:30:05
I believe it has an two or so paragraph entry in the second book of the From the Ashes Boxed set (the campaign book).


Jan 14, 2004 0:34:55
From Jason Zavoda's index:

Eyebite Castle [CTL]
COLTM Pg# - 34
DRG#195 Pg# - 95
FTAC Pg# - 54

with keys of:

The Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad (COLTM)
Dragon Magazine (DRG#)
From the Ashes: Campaign Book (FTAC)

Hope that helps....


Jan 14, 2004 14:09:26
Yep, that's what I needed. Thanks, guys!