Invitation to sail the Aetherial Void



Jan 20, 2004 14:48:24
Greetings All,

As some may or may not be aware I have been working on a set of rules (Crystal Spheres) similar in basic setting and premise to those found in FRP games like Space: 1889 and Spelljammer. They're not complex rules, at least I don't think they are (game desginers are often the last to know) and will probably never be a total replacement for your favorite in-house system. Then they aren't intended to be. Crystal Spheres is meant as a meta-supplment. It centers upon establishing a simple fantasy meta-setting premise: space adventures without being powered by hard science tropes.

Now I need, nay humbly ask, for any able bodied and sound of mind souls reading these words with the time who are willing to take up the gauntlet of challenge to read over the current work in progress and let me know what they think. No, seriously, I need some feedback. But first a little background. .

At the core of Crystal Spheres is the cosmology, which hearkens backs to Euclidean and Ptolemaic models of the solar system, with a twist. A twist players of Spelljammer should be familiar with: Each celestial sphere contains a solar system. The premise employed is a simple one, outside Crystal Spheres is the expanse of the Great Beyond; within the Cyrstal Sphere is the Aetherial Void. All this is explained in the Adventure Book (now up for review and comment) which contains 94-pages of :

  • Background cosmology
  • Detailed character creation rules
  • A Meta conflict resolution system
  • 15 sentient player character races
  • 20+ character archetypes
  • 26+ creatures of the aether
  • Ship-to-ship combat rules
  • A glossary of terms

This is not an attempt to replace Spelljammer. It is not D20 or OGL. But what it can be used as is a supplement to your standing games, or as a alternative to your current system. But be warned this contains a independant system. That means reading is required. If you can take notes as you read, all the better, feedback is welcome.

And the system?

The rules are very much geared toward table top play, especially where ship-to-ship actions are concerned. I would very much like to get some feedback on my endeavors thus far, hear what others think about the rules, whether you think the game is decent and worth continued development, of if you just thnk it's a steaming pile crap. The file (CS00PRAB.PDF) is currently up at my Yahoo Group: in the Crystal Spheres
file area. Wherein you will also find character sheets, a quick reference card, and other goodies.

Currently being worked on is the Master Book, essentially a Game Master resource book that will have various aides and helpful articles about various and sundry things related to the setting; Mind Mages, the "psionic" supplment; and a few other surprises that will appear as time, interest, and the fates permit.

If you have any questions, notice any glaring omissions, or have general commentary please inquire either directly in the group or here. Feedback will be expected, and is necessary for the further development of the game.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Kester Pelagius