Looking for Information on Oakhurst



Jan 20, 2004 14:53:49
My DM has informed me that my character's birthplace is Oakhurst. I mistakenly thought that Oakhurst was in FR, however after being corrected by the nice folks in the FR forum, I am here before you seeing if anyone knows of any sourcebooks or supplements that have information on Oakhurst. I know that the Sunless Citadel Module must have something, but I'm wondering if there is anything else out there.

Thanks in advance!


Jan 20, 2004 14:58:30
Oakhurst was made-up exclusively for the Sunless Citadel module and is a generic town that can be placed in any setting. The village has no previous material written about it and it's set in niether FR or GH and is instead up to the DM which setting the village is in.

The Sunless Citadel provides the only information on Oakhurst. To give you the basics, it's your average run-of-the-mill village.


Jan 20, 2004 15:12:59
Thank you very much for the feedback.

Someone on the FR Forum suggested that I just substitute information for a "typical" town, which is what I will do.

Thanks again


Jan 20, 2004 15:37:31
Mayhem, your DM should give you the details about Oakhurst. As Penguin noted, Oakhurst, and The Sunless Citadel as a whole, is generic, designed to be placed in any setting, not having one of its own.

Oakhurst is a small town with a 1,000 gp limit and 45,000 gps in assets. The population about 900 souls - mixed, but overwhelmingly human (79%). There are a few halflings, elves and dwarves. There are also very few gnomes and half-orcs.

The mayor is a male human named Vernor Leng. His constable is Felosial a female half-elf. Felosial has four human deputies named Ben, Lu, Jym and Roda working for her in addition to 12 regular town guards. A female human named Kerowyn Hucrele is the town's chief merchant, while the religious leader is a female gnome cleric who conducts services for Pelor, named Dem "Corkie" Nackle. A stout male dwarf named Rurik Lutgehr is the town's blacksmith. Garon is the owner and barkeep at the "Ol' Boar Inn," a male human.

If your character is from Oakhurst, he will know the above information. He will also know about the fruit propogated by the goblins in the summer and winter each year.