Kind of stupid adventure idea



Jan 20, 2004 16:01:29
Ok, since my last comedy adventure went off without a hitch and had people laughing all around the table, I thought I'd try to come up with another one.

It involves the Circle of Eight heavily, they pretty much drive the story as it revolves around them launching a campaign to stop the use of their spells by every Tom, Dick, and Harry wizard. They'll use tactics like lawsuits; "Your honor! I, Bigby, have heard that Aldrazzar the Mighty has unlawfully used my Crushing Hand spell and I have witnesses! I demand the court order him to tear up his spellbook and Eight Thousand gold pieces in emotional damage and deformation of character!" and by using the named spells against "offending" wizards, kind of like those movies they show you in drivers ed where all the people are crushed in horrible accidents, Mordenkainen and Bigby will show you what their spells can do to scare you from using them. Also, ad campaigns, legal actions, copyrighting their spells, all of these could be elements.

The player's job would be to either A) stop the circle and reason with them that it is no big deal that their spells are being used all over the place or B) help the circle crack down on "copyright infringers".

PS: Please don't make fun of me for such an odd idea, I'm watching Divorce Court and was wondering if the Circle would be proud spells they've invented are used widely or if they'd think other wizards are "using them wrong" or "I can use it better" and so I thought this might be a funny little sidetrek.

Edit: I know copyrights etc are a bit advanced for Greyhawk but remember, this is comedy, stretching things is expected and besides, it makes for a bit more oddness and laughter.


Jan 20, 2004 16:17:02
lol, this story is more ironic that I think you are realizing, CPenguin.


Jan 20, 2004 23:03:27
Go for it sounds like a Greyhawk fan condeming the use of Greyhawk Specific materials in other settings. I know I'm guilty of it. (Condeming that is).


Jan 21, 2004 7:23:54
I have a similar theme working behind the scenes in my undersea campaign. Enraged that the plans for his Apparatus were stolen and distributed amongst the masses, Kwalish created the Spawn of Kwalish, aquatic constructs that seek out and destroy all of the "false" Apparatuses. (Evidence of his work can be seen in the revised DMG, where the illustration of his construct has been removed)


Jan 21, 2004 8:29:42
If the Circle of Eight is limiting this action to Oerth, then they're thinking too small. How about all those wizards in the Forgotten Realms (and other material planes) using those named spells - probably without even knowing who Mordenkainen, Bigby, Otto and the others are. Imagine the shock of some low-level spellcaster in FR when this scary, bald, epic-level wizard comes out of nowhere demanding that he tear up his spellbook and pay damages!

And, of course, Elminster would be named as a co-defendant in the innumerable civil suits.

Venue might be a problem, though. Perhaps Elminster would seek to have the trial held in Sigil (since, of course, Mordenkainen would never permit it to be held in Toril). Maybe the Lady of Pain could be the judge.

Elminster would probably show up late to the first court appearance (then, afterwards, stand on a cart and wave to his fans). Or maybe he would attempt to evade authorities by commencing a slow-speed chase on a white horse (bronco?) . . .

Go for it, Coldpenguin. The possibilities are endless.


Jan 22, 2004 16:24:54
Oh I can see it now, Mord, Bigby, Otto and the rest burst into court with the finely dressed and high-priced lawyer Johnald of Cockerine.

And of course they sue not only for using the spells but they also demand royalty payments for every beast ever slain with them. Of course, followers organize rallies against the targets of the lawsuits and stand by the Circle since they're the only ones who cast the spells "right."

Some of the main targets of these lawsuits could include such figures as: Sargeant Carlton of the Velunese War-wizard Brigade, Elminster the Sage, any of my PC's who have these spells, Elminster's dog (I'm sure he's like a Wiz30 right? lol), Rogerfeld of the Moors, and the Cook of Zeb. (did I forget to corrupt any writer names close-minded people like to mindlessly complain about?)

Anyone have any ideas on HOW they'd track these wizards down?

P.S. The trial would be held in the City of Greyhawk since the high priced lawyers would find some odd loophole or law that forces the trial to be held there.