Complete Warrior Knights in GH



Jan 20, 2004 21:16:23
Has anyone adapted one or more of the orders of Knighthood in Complete Warrior to his or her Greyhawk campaign setting? Given that there are no 3rd Ed. rules for any of the Greyhawk orders of knighthood, the Knight PrCs, and even the Order of the Bow and Cavalier, can potentially give mechanics to the extant Knightly orders in Greyhawk. WotC even has a Web Enhancement for the Order of the Chalice.

So, has anyone adapted any of the above or considered it? Or shall we wait and let Living Greyhawk's take the lead and see its intentions with the orders in CW?


Jan 20, 2004 21:45:06
Some of the knighthoods have prestige classes, certainly the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom and the Knights of the Watch.


Jan 21, 2004 11:25:28
The Knight Protector prestige class is the modified version from Sword & Fist with the Greyhawk bits removed.

I believe the Knights of the Watch and Hart etc. have rules for them from the various LG Triads. Not sure how good these are since I haven't seen them.