I need Ideas for a city about to move planes



Jan 20, 2004 23:05:04
I am a preparing to run a classic Planescape Campaign and believe I am going to use a couple of module adventures for my first time. But one of my “custom” adventures I have been kicking around is having the characters somehow involved in a battle for a city that is about ready to change planes. They have a chance to possibly stop it or help it change planes I was wondering if there were any suggestions people had for a city that might be good. I may just use a created one but I want to at least consider using a published or semi famous one for that adventure. The Gate towns are a possibility and semi obvious but I am leaning against one of them at the moment. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Jan 21, 2004 0:20:35
There's a published module that deals with just this situation: Recruiters, from the Well of Worlds book. The gate-town bordering the Abyss, Plague-Mort, is the subject of that adventure.


Jan 21, 2004 0:24:46
There is also the adventure Fire of Dis, which involves Dispater and his baatezu minions exacting revenge against paladin fiend-slayer, and, in the same time, thwarting the plans of the Harmonium to make Fortitude (gate-town to Arcadia) slide. The Pcs literally have to fight, and their actions directly affect the outcome of the sliding.