Best Planescape Books and/or Guides?



Jan 20, 2004 23:41:21
Ok with the help of some people in another thread I think I have every Planescape Product campaign product ever printed figured out. Now being that I am on a limited budget I was wondering which books for the following you guys think are the best or the most useful to get my hands on next.

In the Abyss
Fires of Dis
The Deva Spark
Tales from the Infinite Staircase
Doors to the Unknown
Something Wild
Well of Worlds

Guides and such
A guide to the Ethreal Plane
Faces of Evil:the Fiends
A guide to The Inner Planes

Here are the ones I own so if you see anything not on these lists let me know

Planescape Boxed Set
A player'r primer to the outlands
Planes of Conflict
Planes of Chaos
Planes of Law
Hellbound: the Bloodwar
Planescape Mosterous Appendix I, II & III
Planewalker's Handbook
The Harbringer House
The Eternal boundry
Great Modron March
Dead Gods
Faction War
Uncaged Faces of Sigil
In the cage a guide to Sigil
The Factol's Manifesto
On Hollowed Ground
A Guide to the Astral Plane


Jan 20, 2004 23:51:38
I really like:

Doors to the Unknown
And I hear "Infinite Staircase" is good.


A guide to the Ethereal Plane
Faces of Evil: the Fiends

Both are supposed to be excellent. Supposedly there's some freaky shite in the Ethereal guide. And Xanxost wrote the Fiend guide.


Jan 21, 2004 0:27:46
Infinite Staircase, just because it's a fun place that is not where a Planescape adventure generally goes.


Jan 21, 2004 7:59:24
I liked Faces of Evil: The Fiends, but then again I'm into fiends so...
I also very much liked Guide to Hell (written by Chris Pramas), however this isn't officially a Planescape product.


Jan 21, 2004 9:06:26
Of the adventures definitely get Tales form the Infinite Staircase. It is a string of short adventures revolving around a central plot that as WizO_Dabus described “start in Sigil and (you) end up visiting Ysgard, Arcadia, the Elemental Plane of Air, the Outlands, Baator, Limbo, a demiplane in the Ethereal, and the Astral Plane.

And even though I have not read it, form Incenjucar’s comments on the Inner Planes I would probably get The Guide to the Inner Planes as well.


Jan 21, 2004 10:35:04
my favorite guides
In the cage: a guide to sigil
Faces of evil
Factol´s manifecto.

also I like hallowed ground for the complete list of gods


Jan 21, 2004 11:16:41
Hmm I wonder if the Fiend Book will ever appear on Ebay.... Looks like the Staircase is very well receieved as well. I will have to try and grab one of those in the next few weeks.


Jan 21, 2004 12:00:54
Get the Ethereal Plane and the Inner Planes most definitely. These, along with Planes of Law, Conflict, and Chaos, the Astral, the Outlands, and Guide to Sigil will complete your stash of background knowledge on all the planes. I like to have my information base first, then worry about the adventures. It's a lot easier to run an adventure if you know about the place you're running it in.

After that, I have to agree with everyone above. Infinite Staircase is a great book, and lots and lots of fun. I remember reading some really neat Staircase stories on the Mimir.


Jan 21, 2004 20:31:25
My favorites (though all of them are great)

'Uncaged: Faces of Sigil'

'Faces of Evil: The Fiends'

'Factols Manifesto'

'Hellbound: The Blood War'