New DL Products



Jan 22, 2004 14:30:48
So...I was perusing my local Super Target store...checking out the clearance isles for any old Star Wars or MotU figures I didn't have...when what should my eyes behold as I round the corner, but in the Puzzle and Games isle...I see Lord Gunthar staring out at me.

I thought, "WTF?" And looked closer...and sure enough, it was a Wizards of the Coast 1000 piece puzzle of Larry Elmore's cover "Dragons of Deceit" (the one with Gunthar atop a copper dragon and Fizban). This was I started rummaging through the boxes and also found Parkinson's "What Do You Mean We're Lost?" This was also a 1000 piece puzzle...but the picture was reversed, and it was only big enough to show the Aurak, Sivak, and Baaz draconians (the Bozak was left out of the picture).

Then I noticed the back of the box had other paintings...but these were the only two I recognized as Dragonlance paintings (too bad they're not marked as such). Well, either way, they were only $7, so I bought both. They'll go nicely with my "The Portal" knife.


Jan 22, 2004 14:42:27
what the hell.... thats totally not fair =)
next time you see something like this, let me know and i'll send you cash =)


Jan 22, 2004 14:52:14
They look new, so I'm willing to bet your local Target store has them, or will soon.

If not, there were about 4 or 5 of the "Dragons of Deceit" puzzles...and 2 of the "What Do You Mean We're Lost?" puzzles, so I could purchase them for you and send them your way, if you don't have any up near you.


Jan 22, 2004 15:47:28
Well brim you need to remeber that Houston has a big D&D and ren fair, and overall Roleplaying game society down there. So it does not surprise me that Houston stores would have something like that.

I would not bet on other Target stores stocking these items. It would be nice if they did, but I would not count on it.

Doesn't houston hold an annual ren-fair?


Jan 22, 2004 15:53:29
Yes...Houston has a huge Ren Fair...but no real big conventions. But it seems like I'm always working, or not around, or have one thing or another going on...and in 3 years, I have yet to be able to make it even once.

Anyway, I'd say the Medieval/Renaissance crowd is big (or at least as a passing fad every year), but not the D&D least not that I've seen.

And, ARMA is based here in Houston, too. If anyone saw it last night on The History Channel (a show called Knives, Swords, and Axes), my instructor, John Clement, was on there doing full speed weapons demonstrations (ie. sparring with blunts) with one of the other members of ARMA. They did Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Buckler, Bastard Sword, and Two Handed Sword demonstrations. Man is that guy a bad a$$. It was cool to see him getting the credit he deserves, too.


Jan 22, 2004 22:36:21
so being the addict i am, i drove to the nearest target and Lo! I now possess gunthar and the dracs =)


Jan 23, 2004 8:04:21
Hmm. I'm probably heading to a Target this afternoon. I'll try and remember to check as well.