Dementlieuse musical language?



Jan 22, 2004 19:00:15
I could've *sworn* that sometime ago I had read a reference to Dementlieuse music sometimes encoding actual phrases, sort of like the artificial language Solresol.

The Gaz3 entry doesn't mention any such thing, though. Can anyone here shine some light on this, or am I just being weird? [Don't answer that last part TOO quickly.]


Jan 26, 2004 5:03:46
from an article I recall I think it was in UK Publication "Arcane"

From what I recall of the Article the main thing was on roleplaying bards and possibilities to develop character background. Dementlieuse is of course a natural choice (IMHO) for spellweaving in Dementlieu as the study of other magic there is mainly seen as Cantrip. So a musical "Secret" language would make the difference between Bards and street entertainers so pronounced.

Don't remember much more than that, but it could do with debating more. Sounds like the beggings of a new prestege class :D