Erik: GH in've hinted...



Jan 22, 2004 20:17:22
in another thread that we fans would be happy with this year.

Can you throw some more hints our way?


Jan 25, 2004 15:33:34
Much like with Spirit on Mars...I think we've lost contact with Erik...



Jan 25, 2004 16:13:40
Not quite, PeteWyrd... Erik recently shared some of his Greyhawk plans for the year in the following thread...

The news primarily relates to a wealth of Greyhawk content (and new maps) to be released in Dungeon mag in 2004. Perhaps that may not be the news you were hoping for, but what can you do...

And Erik being the busy man that he is, posting the same info in 2 threads that had been started 2 days apart would have seemed like a futile and needlessly redundant effort... so don't feel like you're being ignored, he just posted the info somewhere else!

Happy 'Hawking!


Jan 25, 2004 17:22:02
Ah! ok...