Jan 23, 2004 0:02:54
Hey, everyone. Question for ya. Are there any 3rd/3.5 edition printings of what the Starjewel does? I need something similar to one for a FR campaign that I'm playing in, but I need to know what all it does before I can create and item for FR. I know that it lets the people have sort of an empathic link, that the jewel shines with the life of the other holder, and that seperated Elven lovers used them, but that's about it. Any help would be grand.

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Jan 23, 2004 0:23:42
Nope, no official stats for 3e.

But it is a token shared between lovers, and it allowed all the companions to share the nightmare of Silvanesti right?

So I'd simply make the starjewel glow to tell the elf that her lover is still alive, and grant the "Dream" spell (5th level bard) to their beloved 1/day. That should cover such a minor magical item quite nicely.

Of course, the Starjewel around Steel's neck was a minor artifact.


Jan 24, 2004 0:32:24
Oh, ok. Well thanks for the bit o' help. It's soo bad. WotC really didn't give a lot of rulewise stuff for the DL setting. Not even a hoopak. Sad... just sad.


Celebril el'Tinuviel, (7th level) Paladin of Bahamut