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Jan 23, 2004 16:33:17
Well...I guess they're gone now, huh?

Where are they archived at so we can at least grab some of the more important threads (like Dragons in Novels) and bring them over?


Jan 23, 2004 16:35:56
I think they're still there, just no link directly from the DL boards. Here's the link:

I'd recommend that you find any posts you're interested in fast. I don't know how long this will last.


Jan 23, 2004 17:16:07
Originally posted by Brimstone
Where are they archived at so we can at least grab some of the more important threads (like Dragons in Novels) and bring them over?

Interestingly the DiN seems to have vanished already (of course I have a copy of the latest version).

Hmm. What the heck? It's right here. On page two of the general boards? So are we allowed to keep it here after all?


Jan 23, 2004 17:23:31
For anyone who wishes to continue discussing novel topics, I'd like to invite you over to's boards.'s Boards

We've got a dedicated novel forum over there, plus a new book club. Lots of other forum topics as well.

So even though WotC is closing down their novel boards, there still are other avenues to discuss Dragonlance novels.


Jan 23, 2004 17:45:51
Posted for Mary Kirchoff
The decision to close WotC's book message boards rests solely with me and has been in the planning for some time. As an author and a publisher, I fully understand the value of the boards to consumers, WotC, and the authors. However, as the vice president of publishing for Wizards, which includes both Books and Roleplaying Games, I also understand the cost in time and resources. It is my responsibility to make sure those resources are wisely spent. Creating separate Books and RPG forums for discussion for each of our worlds was made years ago, at a time when Books and RPGs were in separate divisions of the company with separate marketing budgets. The Book Publishing department has made a business decision to focus on website content and other initiatives due to the fact many of our authors have their own boards where fans can converse. I'm sorry for the loss of connection some long-time web friends may feel as a result of this decision, but I hope that they will be able to reconnect at our other boards or those provided by our authors.

I understand that it's far more interesting to speculate about corporate conspiracies, but there really isn't one here. I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit that the final decision was made easier in light of the volume of extremely negative and insensitive chatter last fall that distracted authors, and the Publishing and Web team staffs alike. We take very seriously our responsibilities to our fans, our authors, and our company to publish the best shared-world fiction and bring it to market in the best possible light. Now everyone will have a little more time to do just that.

Mary Kirchoff
Vice President, Publishing
Wizards of the Coast


Jan 23, 2004 19:48:05
Well, if time and resources are to be spent on the website, then maybe Dragonlance can finally get a respectable page?
Something worth visiting more than once every few months?

Fixing and making available the LotL newsletters would be a great start...


Jan 26, 2004 9:46:41
I'm sorry...but I don't buy that PRBS for one second.

If it truly was a "consolidation," (like the Book and Game departments did) then we'd still be allowed to discuss novels on a "Consolidated Dragonlance" board.

But we're not.

So it's not.

This is what appears to me to be a deliberate attempt to quash all novel talk...and after reading Mary's post...apparently to save the feelings of some authors. So...does that mean that WotC cares more about the feelings of their authors than of their game designers?

I mean, come on...doesn't anyone there realize how completely rediculous this is?

The only thing that could save this would be if the WizO's came back and said they had mis-interpreted what was going to happen with the boards. But I haven't seen that...


Jan 28, 2004 0:03:26
the magic the gather novel board which i am a part of is not very happy with this. i ve been trying to keep up with whats goin on but i dont know ... i think they dont want the talk about novels because some of the fans who descuse the novels tend to give bad reviews to the bad novels thus people wont buy them (whos figure that people wouldnt want bad novels) but any way thats just my guess from what ive been able to piece togather.

i dont know i would think that instead of closing the boards they would take the advice their from those who give good constructive criticisim and ignore the ones who are just mean.