Ravenloft v3



Jan 23, 2004 22:05:13
Ok being an old D&D player from Basic through 2nd ed I'm a little wary of getting to involved in the new edition. Although my wife seems to like it.

So how is the new Ravenloft and does anyone know where I can find a download version of the original Ravenloft module by Tracy and Laura Hickman. I lost mine years ago.


Jan 24, 2004 11:41:44
I'm sure its ok to post this here. The mods can kill the link if its not


I downloaded it from there, along with a lot of out of print stuff I wanted. You have to pay a nominal fee (about $5) but its well worth it in my opinion


Jan 25, 2004 8:42:29
Thanks for the link Sir T. Maybe now I'll be able to satisfy my horror gene once again.

I deffenitly put that on my favorites list.


Jan 26, 2004 3:25:04
Wow! I love this question.
What is the new Ravenloft?
It's everything the old Ravenloft was and more. You can still play "weekends in hell" and most darklords are still there (anyone you miss, you can insert him yourself in a island of terror). Most horrors are also there and new added. The big difference is that now Ravenloft is a believable world where you can be born and die. It seems like every other world - there are happy places to defend, music, children etc, but around half of the corners still something dark hides. There are more politics between countries/domains, there is commerce and cultural level 8+ settings are more detailed. There aren't orcs there any more (as in some first modules). You can always play a bard (one of the classes you can play in almost any domain), a paladin etc, but the mists will hamper you. Tempatation is easier and there is great chance that you will end up struggling to remove your paths of corruption (my players have an average of 1 per player!).
I recommend you starting with RL PHB (you can ignore some of the new rules if you don't like them), continue with RL DMG and with the Gazetteers - which provide many adventure hooks and have many many details about each domain.
As far as personalities are involved, you will soon be used to S and Sisters Weathermay-Foxgrove. Strange as it may be, the new RL first person material isn't written by Van Richten himself, but by 3 lovely ladies (ok, some may argue about how lovely S is, but the Weathermay twins are very nice!)