More GWd20 stuff on web?



Jan 24, 2004 6:30:10
Does anybody know some good ressources for GW d20 on the web?
I am especially looking for adventure ideas and such stuff


Jan 24, 2004 11:10:39
Actually, you can use any old D&D adventure. Simply make your monsters into mutants and magic into nanotech effects and you're practically ready to roll. Instead of the abandoned keep, it's the ruins of your local Wal-Mart. I know it sounds like I'm kidding, but I was looking over some adventures in Dungeon and how I could tweak them into Gamma World, and I found it was surprisingly easy. Just take your GWPH and a few minutes looking over a standard D&D adventure, and I think you'll see it's pretty simple.


Jan 24, 2004 11:35:22
Hey Lord Talamar

I agree with DarthCestual. In fact I am looking into getting my hands on some old D&D and AD&D modules and converting them to Gamma World.

I think the Slavers series would work really well. Module S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (I think that is the right one) was already a crashed ship. And some of us recall that the maps were used in GW10 I think. I still have that one.

I believe there is plenty of information to convert older stuff to the D20 D&D. Then just converting or modifying the monsters to mutants should be simple enough.

Any way, those are my thoughts


Jan 24, 2004 13:07:17
There was a random adventure creation program for GW
it was Dos based. Ive used it on a few occasions when I had some mini-adventures to do.

I'll have to check on my old computer to see if its still there.

Maybe we need to do a 1001 GW adventure ideas!


Jan 24, 2004 13:21:50
Originally posted by KMFDM
Maybe we need to do a 1001 GW adventure ideas!

Hey why not? I had done up a random vampire death list,(roll%) for when we were playing a group of high tech slayers. It was inspired by a scene in The Lost Boys, something to the effect of " 2 vampires die the same way, some explode, some implode, some kick and scream, some go quietly, but ALL will try and take you with him." It was alot of fun and added a little flavor. I've already come up with a dozen or so scenarios for GW that are vague enough to be plugged into whatever locale you want. This sounds like it needs it's own thread though. :88E:


Jan 24, 2004 18:46:43
hey thanks
that all sounds good, never thought about it


Jan 24, 2004 21:21:27
Hey All

Great ideas all around. I think we could all have more fun if we share with each other. I am finishing off one of my ideas to post as a new document or html file.


Jan 25, 2004 2:59:41
yes that's a good idea too


Jan 30, 2004 16:11:48
A Gamma World campaign is a lot like a D&D campaign except it uses technology instead of magic and mutants instead of fantasy races.:D

Both start off pretty much the same. The PCs start exploring the area around their home village searching for ruins to explore and monsters to kill. And going on from there into only the GM knows how much trouble.


Jan 31, 2004 3:16:48
you're definetly right.

hmmm, I think I will start out with sth like the Fallout Story. That was nice (though I have to play it again now) :-)


Jan 31, 2004 21:15:14
Ok, here's one of the first scenarios that came to mind when I read the GWPH. First off, I didn't go for the Blaashes being called Thra, that's a bit too corny even for me, so I went with the old name, plus I mixed in nanotech and a little Slake Moth from Perdido Street Station since those things were friggin wicked!

The blaashes, though radioactive and rather predatory, do produce a rather usefull resource. Nanofactories in the species are powered by the radiation as well as radiate excess energy, but they produce a susbstance that acts as a treatment for radiation poisoning. It's found in their poo. It can be something the PCs home community barters with for the things they need, or perhaps it's vital for the communities survival in an irradiated area, either way it's the PCs job to go collect the droppings, which is of course deep in their territory. Plus, you can figure there could be a mutant or two with the Half-Life or radiation leak mutations nearby...