Discuss your ideal Greyhawk campaign book!



Jan 24, 2004 18:41:22
I've been giving it a lot of thought, and here's mine:

First, take the LGG and add...

a) A hard cover!

b) At least 300 pages.

c) More info on the demihuman subtypes (grey elves, valley elves, mountain dwarves, etc).

d) The Touv given the same treatment as the Suel, Baklunish, etc.

e) Decriptions of the Twelve Lairs of the Zodiac (this one always baffled me).

f) Decriptions on the mentioned but never described lands of the far west like Mur and Komal (Fireland might be nice, too). Basically, I want to see ALL of "canon Oerth" in the same detail as the Flanaesse.

g) Maps and detailed writeups of the capital cities of EVERY realm.

h) The dieties of the Touv and Olman, even if they're just entries on a chart.

i) As above, but with all the demihuman, humanoid, and monsterous dieties, as well as the quasi and hero dieties (Myrlund, etc) and the major demon and devil lords with cults on Oerth.

j) A chart showing all dieties by pantheon.

k) Info on Greyhawks's cosmology: A brief overview of all the known planes, including which gods live where and what happens to GH characters when they die.

l) A map depicting major trade routes, as well as which goods and resources are found where.

m) A section on running campaigns in the setting. How to capture that "Greyhawk feel", and so forth.

n) This one's a stretch, but...Maybe a primer on the (real world) history of the setting!

o) A complete index.

Well, that does it for me. I know it will almost certainly never happen (LGG sadly looks like the setting's last gasp as a paper-and-ink mass market publication), but I can still dream!

How about you?


Jan 25, 2004 0:22:45
Sounds good to me Yamo, though I'd also add more adventure hooks/plots/events/etc., to help a DM to put the additional new materials to use in a game :D


Jan 25, 2004 1:12:56
All of the above, except maybe in the adventure/plot-hook section some ideas on how to run a long campaign in each of the major regions starting before the GH Wars and bringing the party through the Wars and its aftermath.

It's what I have been aiming to do with my latest GH campaigns. That way I can really develop the menace of the Scarlet Brotherhood from a fringe group no one really knows much about nor takes seriously into some serious power players in the world with a scary reputation.


Jan 25, 2004 20:21:30
P) Write ups for every major NPC. Up to date and well done would be nice.


Jan 26, 2004 10:34:04
I'd like to see lots of references to the people, places, and things, from the classic AD&D modules that supposedly took place in Greyhawk, such as White Plume Mountain, Tomb of Horrors, Against the Giants, and of course, The Temple of Elemental Evil.


Jan 28, 2004 6:37:02
Mine would not have a single sentence, but lots of pictures and maps of the various locations of the Flaneass.


Jan 28, 2004 6:53:07
If I'd my way I'd keep my LGG and use those 300 pages to do a super-Flanaess spanning adventure (like Fate of Istus but better), a bit like Erik's original plans for his LG scenarios.



Jan 28, 2004 16:25:31
Pictures, lots of pictures. Quality pictures. I hate FR people showing how kewl people in their setting look from color pics in various books, when all I have to show is some cheesy line drawing from Ken Clark or someone in the Greyhawk books.



Feb 06, 2004 16:44:16
What I would like to see would be much what everyone else has mentioned. Hardcover with a better cosmology description and that includes non-human pantheons etc. What I would also like to see would be the inclusion of the Prestige Classes and monsters that have appeared in the various LGJ, especially LGJs 0-5. Various major players in GH have been statted in the LGJs so why not include them in this GHCS book as well. And how about at least some info/mapping of the Free City like was done in LGJ #2?

I have these Journals in.pdf format that I got from P2P stuff but guess what? I want to give WotC my money for a quality GH book. I bought the LGG and love it but I want more! I hate the fact that I feel the need to resort to intellectual piracy because GH doesn't get anything near the support of FR.

I want detailed info on my favourite setting along the lines of the FRCS. Say what you will about the Realms but the book looks good and is a very good read. I think it would be wonderful if GH received the same treatment.


Feb 07, 2004 15:17:41
Assuming that price is no object, since it would most likely cost a mint to publish all of these suggestions in one source, I would like to hear much more about the ancient history of the Flaneaess. I am also intrigued by the Ur-flannae, the Queen of Chaos, Mishka the Wolf-spider, the Wind Dukes and the Isles of Woe.

I would also like more information on the non-Oeridian races such as the Suel, the Baklunish, the Tuov and the Flan. Again, I would like more info on their ancient history.

It would also be cool to have all those "unanswered" questions finally answered in an official capacity:
1) What's up with Blackmoor?
2) Why is Celene so isolated?
3) Details on an lost elven empires of the east
4) Details on the Sulm Empire BEFORE the Bright Desert
5) Info on the various islands in the Dramidj Ocean.
6) Details and more details on the various artifacts listed in the DM Guide from 1e.
7) More info on Irongate
8) Info on the various strongholds of the Circle of Eight (past and present members)- what's up with the Mordenkainen's Obsidian Citadel? what's up with Drawmij's undersea stronghold?
9) Why did Rary go nuts?
10) Just what are those elves doing on the Spindrifts?
11) How's tricks down in Erelhi-Cinlu these days?
12) What happened to the Mage of the Vale?
13) Official account of the disappearance of Prince Thrommel in 573CY
The list can go on and on...


Feb 09, 2004 17:21:23
Well two of those questions are answered. Celene's isolationism does get covered in the LGG and Thrommel's fate is covered in RttToEE.


Feb 10, 2004 0:38:31
This a HUGE pipe-dream, but I'd like to see a cd comprising a detailed and complete map of Oerth, like what was done for FR. It should include any and all city/town/village from any published adventure or accessory down to the street names and important building id's. Also, any major ruin/castle/stonghold should be shown such as Mordenkainen's tower, the tomb of horrors, etc. It would be nice if it included a map of the Suloise Imperium and Baklunish Empire prior to the Rain of Colorless Fire/Invoked Devestation. It could be inserted into the "New Greyhawk Compendium" like the character creator CD that came in the PHB 3E. The book must include all the info requested from previous postings. I second the request for a complete run-down on Blackmoor. Also, I'd like a chronology of the printed modules showing theoretically when they occured and how they relate to one another if at all. Finally, I'd like LG to become living "something else" and the rights to Greyhawk sold to another company willing to support it with printed material. Let's face it, with the imminent release of Oberron, we're never gonna see any support for Greyhawk. That goes for you Realm's players too. Although, you've had the lions share of support for over a decade anyway. Welcome to our world.