Ravenloft Online Game



Jan 25, 2004 23:06:07
Hi there,

I and a few other folk have recently acquired a MU* site and wish to start up a Ravenloft online game.

Now we need to know what permissions we require to do so.

We know that WotC allows several online D&D games to exist and that White Wolf (who owns Arthaus) allows the existence of several World of Darkness-based online games. So we imagine we are allowed to run this so long as we have the appropriate statements of copyright and not-for-profit use.

Can anyone fill us in on what specific details we might need? And would anyone like to help? Currently, we have only the v3 products and no Gazetteers until we decide what Domains to include.

Feel free to send private messages.

- Yulian


Jan 26, 2004 2:51:38
WW had also an online Ravenloft game BTW. Rookhaven was its name if I recall it correctly.


Jan 26, 2004 7:12:13
Well, that's good to know. I see it mentioned in 'Dungeon Crawler' as an 'RPG Chat game', which seems close enough. The article was dated November 2002. I went there and created a character...it's a java-based online chat room. With no apparent players.


That link seems to encompass all the White Wolf legalities required. How about the WotC d20 ones?

I have no doubt know that we can go right ahead and do it. We just need to be sure we abide by their rules. I once again invite any interested parties to get in touch.

- Yulian


Feb 01, 2004 18:05:56
S&S has a Moderated Ravenloft chat game called Rookhausen.