The Cage



Jan 26, 2004 10:09:53
Righto Cutters, I'm rather new to planescape and dnd in general, and you can all agree that the bit about Sigil in MotP wasn't excactly detailed (;

As I have been reading a lot on the net, I'm not totally clueless though, but I would appreciate links/information about the cage.
I know, of course, about the Lady, and about the factions (from an excellent document found on Planewalker)

What I don't know to much about is Sigil in general, it's streets, it's inhabitants, (it's legends) etc.


Jan 26, 2004 10:29:05
the best sourcer:

In the cage: a guide to sigil

and also "soon" (only certain person called "shemmy", knows) in will be a complete guide.


Jan 27, 2004 19:52:39
I got back the revised version today and I need to change two things before it gets released. I have other things offline that take priority, but expect it near the end of the week.


Jan 27, 2004 20:29:58
YES! More new Planescape information coming soon! Sounds almost musical.