does anyone know . . .



Jan 27, 2004 20:19:47
well i hear that the novels boad has been deleted so i will only ask this question once, hopfully someone will help me out

does anyone know lurana's last name, i was just wondering since i did not see it in any of the books. please help me out if you can.


Jan 27, 2004 21:17:21
Lauralanthalasa of the house of Solostaran. She doesnt technically have a last name, though if she wanted i'm sure that she could use the Qualinesti royal surname of Kanan.


Jan 27, 2004 23:32:15
Originally posted by talinthas
Lauralanthalasa of the house of Solostaran. She doesnt technically have a last name, though if she wanted i'm sure that she could use the Qualinesti royal surname of Kanan.

I want to say that among the humans she was called Laurana Kanan. Of course, I am probably thinking of Porthios...


Jan 27, 2004 23:33:04
I have actually seen her name as well as Porthios and Gilthanas written with Kanan as their last name.


Jan 28, 2004 19:39:42
so, were i to play a character in a dragonlance campaign setting related to lauralanthalasa, i should use Kanan as a last name. . .

thanks you guys


Jan 29, 2004 10:12:34
I would say you could only use the surname Kanan if your character is an immediate member of the royal family. Otherwise, s/he would probably use a different last name.


Jan 29, 2004 13:36:50
that is in fact, exactly what i am doing

i am playing as Gilthas


Jan 29, 2004 14:10:59
In the Meetings Sextet she's called Lauralanthalasa Kanan, in the Tales of the Lance boxed set she is Lauralanthalas Solostarran.



Jan 29, 2004 15:22:10
Lauralanthalasa Kanan of House Solostaran.
I think that's her full name.


Jan 29, 2004 18:18:07
I think your mixing two things.

Her full name is Lauralanthalasa of house kanan or simply Lauralanthalasa kanan.

Kanan is the house name, the ruling royal house founded by kith-kanan.
Solostaran was her fathers name, he was solostaran kanan.


Jan 29, 2004 18:37:34
Well...personally...I thought it was a really stupid idea to start calling them Solostaran Kanan, Lauarana Kanan, Porthios Kanan, etc.

What is "Kanan" anyway? It's part of a given's really less than a middle name even...and it certainly isn't a surname. I don't know when this started (SAGA material, maybe...because it's not in TotL). Where ever it came should be forgotten...unfortunately it was resurrected in the DLCS.

I don't think they were ever intended to have last names. They're Solostaran of the Royal House (or "House Royal"...but I don't think that exists in Qualinesti society does it?) Anyway...It's just Lauralanthalasa...just the Prince, or Madonna.

Now what would really be intersting is an explination on how Silvanesti surnames work. Lorac Caladon father Alhana Starbreeze? How does that happen...unless it's really just two given names and no Surname...which is what I believe it is. That seems to be the way elven society surnames. (that is until someone thought they'd be sharp and give Gilthanas and the lot part of someone's first name for their last name)

Um...sorry for the bitterness folks...I'll stop now, I promise.


Jan 29, 2004 19:15:05
have you read the icewall trilogy yet? it turns out that lorac's father was also a caladon, if you can believe it. Dragonlance spits on uniformity.


Jan 29, 2004 19:27:33
I wouldn't throw away the option that Kanan may be the family surname. It isn't odd to imagine a royal family descended from a great hero to take as their surname part of his given name. That way the royalty is associated directly with the hero, in this case Kith-Kanan, rather than the hero's family.

As for Silvanesti families, I'd imagine that Starbreeze is a name given to Alhana in a poetic fashion. Much like Tinuviel from Lord of the Rings. But, that's just a guess.


Jan 29, 2004 22:17:11
Alright, from what I understand, this is how it works:

Silvanesti have surnames. Qualinesti don't. At least, not quite. A Silvanesti male inherits his father's surname, and a female her mother's, and wives do not take on their husband's surname. So, Alhana's mother was a Starbreeze, and if she had a brother, he would be a Caladon. The name of the royal house in Qualinesti is called House Kanan, and Kanan is sometimes used as a sorta surname. This is why Silvanoshei's full name is Silvanoshei Caladon and not Silvanoshei Kanan(although he would respond to both, as both are technically correct). Since his father had no name to pass on, he took his grandfather's. Also, technically, Alhana was a Caladon, even though that wasn't her surname, it was her family name. So, Laurana's house name was Kanan, Alhana's surname was Starbreeze, her family name Caladon, and her house House Royal, and Silvan's surname was Caladon, his family name Caladon, his house House Royal, and his house name Kanan. Confusing, no?


Jan 29, 2004 22:20:13
Lorac named his only child Starbreeze out of love and devotion to her, and it is an epithet rather than any name that is carried through from her lineage. Alhana's family name is Caladon, like her father and his father before him.

Solostaran, as a descendant of Kith-Kanan, inherits that Qualinesti founder's name as an indicator of his royal line. Technically, he was Solostaran-Kanan, as his children are correctly known as Porthios-Kanan, Gilthanas-Kanan and Lauralanthalasa-Kanan. This tradition of naming dates to the module Oak Lords but has been used since then as it has some relevance. It's formal, however, and I doubt it's used except in the honorifics of ceremony.

The current Speaker of the Sun and Stars, Gilthas, has the right to call himself Gilthas-Kanan, but probably doesn't. It's also unclear whether he can lay any real claim to the Speaker of the Stars title, either, which is technically still Alhana's (since Silvanoshei is dead, and the Silvanesti exiles may not consider Alhana a dark elf). We won't know for sure until these characters appear again in another book.



Jan 30, 2004 1:25:28
I understand that history is important, but we must remember....there is no Qualinestri (Sp?)


Jan 30, 2004 8:43:17
Originally posted by Magechick
I understand that history is important, but we must remember....there is no Qualinestri (Sp?)

That's not entirely accurate. There is no Qualinost. Qualinesti is (like Silvanesti) just a homeland waiting to be retaken.