Still looking to complete my sourcebook set.



Jan 29, 2004 14:00:07
I am Looking for
The Inner Planes
Tales of the infinite Staircase
Fires of Dis
Faces of Evil: Friends
In the Abyss
Something Wild
A guide to the Ethereal
(A Deva Spark) currently bidding on this one on ebay but I might be interested in it anyway.

I already own
all 6 boxed sets
Planescape Boxed Set
A player'r primer to the outlands
Planes of Conflict
Planes of Chaos
Planes of Law
Hellbound: the Bloodwar

Planescape Mosterous Appendix I, II & III
Planewalker's Handbook
The Harbringer House (adventure)
The Eternal boundry (adventure)
Great Modron March (adventure)
Dead Gods (adventure)
Faction War (adventure)
Uncaged Faces of Sigil
In the cage a guide to Sigil
The Factol's Manifesto
On Hollowed Ground (most likly to be helfful on gods and such)
A Guide to the Astral Plane
The Well of World (adventure)
Doors to the Unknown (adventure)

Also if it makes a difference I am using these to work on a campaign and will continue to use them for gaming. I am not looking to resell them or leave them on a shelf to collect dust. Thanks for lookin and I hope you can help me out.

I am also looking for any other Planescape product not listed here but I think I have them all listed here.


Feb 01, 2004 14:09:10
if you're looking for hardcovers, good luck as it will be difficult. Otherwsie, go to and get pdfs for all of those for about $5-6 each.


Feb 01, 2004 16:23:00
Yeah I am looking for actual books and I have been directed to that site before otherwise. I have actually had pretty good luck so far online picking up Planes of Conflict, Choas, Law and Hellbound: Bloodwar for $100 including shipping. I also obtained Well of Worlds and Doors to the Unknown for $20 total.