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Jan 29, 2004 16:15:53
This mention of spiders reminds me of Krull. The big crystal spider in that movie seems a lot like the crystal spiders from terrors of the desert. Well ok so they werent as big and werent guarding some sort of oracle but still.

I totally agree with the gladiator least in north africa. The whole mentality of this small backwater village centering around a gladiator pit sorta says something about human nature if you ask me. That and the whole merchants selling slaves and animals and the animals are worth more than people really captured the Dark Sun feel for me.

When I first started playing Dark Sun way back in days of yore Dune was etched in my mind. As if there arent enough hazards to desert travel but it would be entertaining to toss in a Worm or two...I mean theres other nasties hiding in the sand but I dont think it dupicates the terror of what is essentially a living mountain with a big mouth swallowing the half acre of terrain around you (reflex saving throw? sure you make it...where ya gonna jump to?). Maybe I ought to do a story line about some sort of silk wyrm ancient that grew real real big....hmmm.


Jan 29, 2004 17:00:42
There will be a writeup for a sand worm (much like the ones from Dune) in ToA.

Found an old 2e writeup in a polyhedron magazine article that had DS monsters in it and converted all those and threw them into ToA.


Jan 29, 2004 17:02:46
Sorry I thought I deleted this post as it was an accident. I meant to reply to the movie post and ended up making a new thread lol. Just consider this a new page in that thread


Jan 29, 2004 19:42:23
Good hold Nytcrawlr. Thanks for those new monsters(from polyhedron mag: which I have none of them)

Huhh Could you tel us what monsters from the mentionned mag you have integrated into ToA??

Ho and if anyone of you would feel like converting the sesheyan race..... you have my blessing.


Jan 29, 2004 19:58:02
Originally posted by Jihun-Nish
Huhh Could you tel us what monsters from the mentionned mag you have integrated into ToA??

Be a little more patient and you'll get to see them. ;)

Basically only one or two monsters escaped our grasps.

We got everything from Dungeon, Dragon, Polyhedron, Shattered Lands, anything that was Dark Sun related in there, so enjoy once it comes out.


Jan 29, 2004 20:04:17
I had one of those in my games; called it a "greater sink worm." Also had a "greater silt horror" that was the Caller in the Darkness (that is, until City by the Silt Sea was released).