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Jan 29, 2004 18:02:20
Howdy, gang.

For Christmas I grabbed a copy of The Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. Very nice resource. I grabbed the book mostly because I started a new campaign in the middle of January, using Greyhawk as the campaign world.

All of my players are tied to Olidammara in some way - two worship him, one is a mercenary in the employee of Olidamarra's temple and the fourth worships Rudd.

LGG mentions that Rudd has been imprisoned (or, rather, possibly imprisoned). I'm looking for more info on that. Why, how, when, by whom, etc? My campaign is in the early stages, but so far I'm gearing it towards the players being key in Rudd's rescue, and I was hoping to learn a bit more about the situation.

Thanks for any assistance!


Jan 29, 2004 19:06:57
It is very secretive lore.......she was imprisoned by no less than Zagyg the Mad. His reasons for doing so are inscrutible (but that hasn't stopped a few of us from scrut'ing away....)

He and Olidammara (who rescued Rudd) have been great enemies ever since.


Jan 29, 2004 20:23:39
Originally posted by PSmedger
He and Olidammara (who rescued Rudd) have been great enemies ever since.

This implies she is free? I had the impression from what I read that she was still imprisoned.


Jan 29, 2004 20:57:37
If Rudd was one of those that were imprisoned...I can't recall if Rudd was one of them or not, then yes Rudd is free. Though, very little about Rudd is known...


Jan 29, 2004 21:23:27
Is there info on how she was freed, or is it just one of those "background" things in the campaign?


Feb 05, 2004 16:48:13
All nine demigods imprisoned in castle greyhawk were freed by the fighter Robilar in 570 CY. The player Rob Kuntz of the Robilar character has a write up of the event which differs from the living greyhawk campaign as to whom the demigods were as it happened in Gygax's home campaign. The whole incident happened back in the early days of D&D before there was an actual published setting probably early to mid-1970's. The published material differs of course from the campaign as a lot of the DemiGods became major deities in the setting. But the general gist remains the same no matter who the deities were.

I found the following here
Originally posted by ScottyG
This is an excerpt from the Robilar Remembers: Robilar & Co. that appeared in an old Oerth Journel.

"Robilar, who was 10th level at the time, entered the containment room, and viewed the nine imprisoned creatures mounted a top pedestals VERY carefully before deciding to deal with the many-handed one first (i.e. Hextor). Robilar decided to dispatch (singly) the toughest melee capable of the lot first, in case all nine were to animate simultaneously (the nine imprisoned were: Iuz, Ralishaz, Trithereon, Erythnul, Olidammara, Heironeous, Celestian, Hextor, and Obad-Hai). In the ensuing melee with Hextor, the other eight "demi-gods" were "accidentally" released, as loosing one seemed to have a domino effect. As the nine "demi-gods" turned their attentions toward destroying each other, Robilar executed a tactical withdrawal (i.e. he ran for his life) to lick his wounds.

Robilar later returned to the room to investigate. Before returning, he heard the sounds of a great battle occurring (which was another reason for returning to investigate). Upon re-entering the containment room, he saw that all of the pedestals were empty, with no beings in sight. All nine of the gods were loosed upon the world."

Imprisonment of powerful beings is a common thread throughout the campaign. If you want Rudd to be imprisoned again go for it. Plenty of BBEGs out there who may want to recreate Zagyg's transformation.


Feb 05, 2004 17:08:13
the list for gary's home game and the list for the "official published Greyhawk setting" (whether Living Greyhawk or not) will always be much different...


Feb 05, 2004 20:04:49
Thanks, Halzmar.