new guy questions



Jan 29, 2004 20:14:42
Hello fellow Dark sun fans! While I'm not new to Dark Sun, I am new to it on the web. Unfortionatly I was never able to play it regulary but I still consider myself a fan. I do have multiple questions, mainly about game mechanics so I hope there are some D.S. gurus around here, or people who have a deasent working knowledge of the game that I don't.

My first question is about the books online. Can you download the books from wizards? I think you could at one time, or is there another location? I beleave has a link to a site you can download from, but I would like to "shop around" if it's possable.

Also, is there a spell check here?!


Jan 29, 2004 20:22:20
SVGames is your best bet for old, out of print, Dark Sun.


Jan 29, 2004 20:56:30
is it legal to down load them from someone other than wizards of the coast?

Sorry, I'm not very copyright savvy.


Jan 29, 2004 21:02:59
Nope it isn't.


Jan 29, 2004 21:21:48
Unles they are an authorized dealer. SVGames sells WotC products, but isn't WotC.


Jan 29, 2004 23:49:00
If I recall correctly, RPGNow is also liscensed to sell the ESDs. WOTC did have a few of the DS products available for free from their website, but the few that were up innitialy got taken down once they started the ESD project. Both RPGNow and SVGames have the ESD products, but there are differences between the two (in price and in how they are segmented for downloading)

As you may notice from the rampant spelling errors, no, there's no spellchecker for these boards . Too bad, now everyone can see just how crummy a speller I am.