Draconian ability question...



Jan 29, 2004 21:32:19
hey all ...

got a quick question about draconians....

on pg. 34 of the DCLS, it states that baaz draconians have 60ft darkvision... but on pg. 215 .. the DCLS states that ALL draconians have 120 ft dark vision ...

does anyone know if there has been an errata released or some kind of official ruling or correction ?????

thanks for any imput you may have..

P.S. - what about the blindsense(60ft) and scent(60ft) ... they are given under the pg. 215 entry but not mentioned whatsoever in the "character details" section ...???


Jan 29, 2004 22:28:10
Draconians have darkvision 60 ft. They do not have the blindsense or blindsight special quality. They have the dragon type, but are not true dragons, and thus have the lesser traits associated with their kindred to dragons as opposed to the greater sensory powers of those dragons.