New campaign advice?



Jan 30, 2004 2:04:28
Help please.

I started off a new campaign last week, and the first game was pretty good. I started them all off as slaves working on the ziggurat and inserted the Veiled Alliance pendant dealy. They put it in the walls, but it was found, fight ensued, and they escaped. Great game.

But last night, not so much. Since a lot of the group is complete newbies, I figured I'd go with the lead them around by the nose style, at least to start off with, so I had the Veiled Alliance come at them and tell them they need find a way into Under Tyr (I love Under Tyr) and find a guy, who will then tell them what to do next. All of this was under threat, btw, since they weren't too happy about the pendant being found, and the VA is able to keep tabs on them from a ring they gave them earlier.

But in typical player fashion, of course that didn't happen. One of them is a bard, so they went into the Bard's Quarter to stock up on supplies with the cash they got from the guards they killed, and while they were buying weapons two of them decided to try and rob the place. The other four didn't think too highly of the idea so they slowly slipped out while the owner was being distracted. So when the rogue slipped into the back room, what does he find but a half-giant. So he bolts and the owner skewers the other guy to an inch of his life (won init, got a crit, then another crit on is AoO when the guy tried to run, he had 1 hp left )

But the group ended up running in two directions, and apparantly don't really care enough to try and find eachother again. I've got some ideas about what to do next, but I thought I'd ask for some advice anyway, as this it's been a few years since I've DMed, I'm rusty. :D


Jan 30, 2004 4:22:46
[the easy way]
Let both groups be arrested by mean-Kalak-is-alive-hooray!-we-have-spells templars. Let them be thrown in the same cell. From there they find a way to escape to UnderTyr. Then you'll have them where you wanted them to be, without equipment...hehe.


Jan 30, 2004 5:03:06
Don't be afraid to let someone be killed off by their own stupidity. Seems like the bard got duped in typical Athasian fashion by underestimating the party's support of his actions. Either pick up where you left off, by way of contacts or such, or let the PCs continue on their own and simply wing what happens next. Switching between PC groups is a hassle (especially when its only a single player who then feels like a show stealer). You could work something out with that player pre-game in order to reintroduce him to the rest of the group (met by alliance members and told the rest of the groups whereabouts). Just make sure the game is fun, first and foremost. Granted, you want to run X adventure, but never let the adventure get in the way of having a good time with your friends. If they complain later because there's no focus or adventure tangent, simply remind them that they're the ones who ignored the obvious paths and decided to wander off on their own and that your simply waiting for the right time to get things back on track or introduce a new adventure seed or two.


Jan 30, 2004 8:17:09
Switching between groups works fine as long as there is understanding for this among the players, and you have some way of occupying the inactive players. Ideally, place them in another room with some rpg books, magazines, a tv-set and a playstation. And for Ral's sake, tell them to prepare their characters and planned actions.