Champions killing their races



Jan 30, 2004 12:44:31
Looking at the timeline while diggin for info on the Where is Ebe? thread, I kinda noticed something. If you look at the dates, there's almost a pattern regarding which races were the first to fall. Like the champions could have first gone after the more monstrous races, something that might find support with the common people. Let's say they start gathering their armies for their crusade against the monsters of athas (goblins, kobolds, orcs and ogres, etc etc). Then they only allow humans to join, making it essentially an elite human-only club. They eliminate some of the monsters in short order (daskinor and sacha made short work of the kobolds and goblins), gaining momentum. Then some of the other champions come into view, taking down more of the monsters. The break in this pattern is the pixies. That could be explained, though . . . the expanding forces of humanity, in logging forests for their home, come into conflict with the pixies, who dont like their homes getting chopped down. War ensues. Pixie Blight commits genocide on the sly, under the guise of dealing with the foul predations of the pixies upon the poor and innocent farmers and settlers of humanity. Over the course of generations, as more cleansing armies come about and begin their work, the common human feels very close to them, which makes the systematic genocide easier to accept. The alienation of the "good" races in the beginning drove a wedge betwen them and humans while the "evil" races were being taken care of, and by taking down these "evil" races the humans felt a cultural pride in their accomplishment. From there it would have been fairly simple to say "the dwarves are secretly in league with the ogres, and conspire to undermine the tenets of our superior human society! we must stop them before they destry us! to arms!" The "good" races wouldn't have immediately been opposed to the cleansing wars, as the ostensibly were campaigns against evil and destructive bad guys in the first place. Hell, they probably weren't even called cleansing armies. maybe more like crusades or some semantic twist that made them sound like a good thing and an attempt to preserve an orderly and "good" way of life for the common person./ There may very well have been a cleansing army made up etirely of dwarves who worked alongside but never with the army intent on destroying the orcs. And they were allowed to at first (let the monsters kill each other), then maybe an event was staged where one of these non-human cleansing armies was framed for attcking one of the human armies (once this non-human army helped finish the job on another race), allowing a crusade to righteously spring up against this other race under the guise of self-defense and preventing "evil non-human hegemony over our peaceful lands!"

yeah, i'm leaving now. but there's maybe some worthwhile snippets in that rambling. student health services, ho!