Hey. Erik Mona. Got a Question for You



Jan 30, 2004 13:53:25
Word on the street is that we'll see new maps of the Flanaess this year. If true, then this is a very cool development indeed. Anyway, my question concerns packaging of said maps. Can you tell us if these will be released separately (perhaps in Dungeon?) or as an addition to an upcoming product for Greyhawk?

Since I've never seen Wizards release maps as a stand alone product (maybe the folio, but that had some stuff with it), I have a good feeling about this.



Jan 30, 2004 14:13:57
I've found the best place to corner him and get an answer is at the Thursday night Greyhawk chats. fyi..


Feb 02, 2004 13:24:16
I'm going to keep quiet about this a little longer, since nothing has been definitively decided, yet.

I'll let you know more in a couple months when I'm sure that everything is still happening as I want it to.

Sorry to be so lame, but the last thing I want is everyone disappointed about a project that got announced too early.

--Erik Mona
Dungeon Magazine


Feb 03, 2004 19:51:22
Well, that sounds like a confirmation to me.


Feb 03, 2004 20:25:19
indeed, it does.


Feb 05, 2004 11:59:44
As Erik wrote it, i don't want to be deceived, so don't say anyhing PLEEEAAAASSSE