Dragon PCs



Jan 30, 2004 16:21:32
I broke out my old boxed set of COUNCIL OF WYRMS and I was curious how people shined to the possibility of playing dragons on Krynn?

And how they'd do culture/relationship to the gods


Jan 31, 2004 0:30:29
I think for the best results you should have a read of the draconomicon, whilst not specificaly tailored to DL it would have some pretty relevant information about dragon aging aswell as when they gain certain abilities (more so than the MM).

As for their relationship to their respective deity, i would see it as very similar to that of a cleric the only differance being that the dragons are not bound by the same restrictions as clerics. An example would be that while the clerics of Paladine are his shield of faith, the dragons would his sword of judgement.

Thats just my 2 cents worth.


Jan 31, 2004 2:57:04
I personally enjoyed very much this book that had insights into Dragon culture-specifically gold and silver with the possibility that Dragons of the Gold were unable to love while the silvers were indeed.

It also gave the interesting notion of a "Dragon Valley" and cross-sheen matings.


Jan 31, 2004 2:58:56
I posted this on the Draconomicron board and the Mature Board. I'm thinking of moving the campaign from my homebrewed to one of those "unexplored"islands to the South

[Dragon Culture

I'm working on a dragon culture for my games and I was kind of curious where exactly I might add on thoughts for the PCs to engage in or what implications might be. There's loads of interesing information about the many races but having just gotten the Draconomicron I'm still adapting it for my own campaign world where the information about dragons will be very specific on their relationships...and makes a VERY big change, specifically making Dragons social rather than solitary creatures.

I was hoping to get thoughts on adapting this because giving PCs plenty of cultural background is the key to a social oreintated game.

First of all I was thinking of making Dragon society highly racist and caste system based with the Metallic Dragons.

Gold Dragons are the rulers of the kind that are given the position of being the priests of Bahamut, rulers, and generals in all of them. They are provided for from birth as the 'holy' race and expect absolute obediance, drawing huge harems of silver dragons and occasionally lesser dragons but expected fully to mate only with their own kind for bloodlines. Gold Dragons usually only interact with lesser races in the terms of divine beings and "bridges" to the realms of the gods that they consider themselves (and maintain said haughtiness even to fellow dragons)

Silver Dragons are the officer's core of the dragon race, the advisors to the gold dragons, and their diplomats. Allowed the priestly duties of the 'lesser dragon' gods they tend to have a serious issue with the GDs. They also are the only race allowed to be paladins of Bahamut. I'm going to tone down their 'love of mortals' a bit and suggest in fact that they more tend to be manipulators and users of mortals since they cannot see themselevs as their equals without going completely against the norm. Whenever the issue comes up of taking over humanity and guiding it, its usually the Silvers.

Bronze Dragons are the elite warrior core of the Silver Dragons and its Scouts. Denied the position of the Silver Dragons in serving the gods save in being pious, they rarely meet gold dragons but often are used by the Silvers whom they resent for their lack of knowledge of day-to-day dragon life. Less powerful than their foes, Bronze work in teams to destroy much more powerful Chromatic and set themselves often against mortals who hunt dragons. They consider themselves the guardians of the Coppers and to a far lesser extent brass.

Copper dragons are the largest subrace of dragon by far and man the great herds of cattle in the vast planes, carve their great tunnels, and spies for the dragons. The ones that consider mortals the closest to kin, they are also the dragon messengers to carry forth their knowledge. Looked down upon to the point of insignificance by other beings they are actually fairly content in their life but have the least respect for dragon tradition, of the mind that all the higher castes take themselves way too seriously.

Brass Dragons are the least of the Metallic Dragons. During the Great Conflict with the Chromatic Dragons, they switched sides and then switched sides again. Solitary by nature and disliked they serve as assassins, menial labor when Coppers are insufficient or the job is demeaning, and are usually sent on suicide missions during war. They tolerate this only because they require nothing but protection from the Chromatics that hunt them en masse and are given the peace they want by being left alone as a people.

I'm not sure how to do up the Chromatics yet.

The Metallic Dragons will have their own "Slayers" like Valley and a massive population inside it (maybe like 50,000) with cliffside dwellings. I'm thinking every subrace's cross mating produces a much stronger and more powerful version of the lesser subrace.]

It would work very well I think for Krynn's dragons and replacing Bahamut with Paladine, we have a great unique culture for the gameworld

What should I alter though elsewise to accomodate krynn?