no Beyond Countless Doorways on ?



Jan 31, 2004 2:52:01
I wonder why, considering the last "Green Planar Releases" news on, there is nothing said about this on this news board ?


Jan 31, 2004 17:37:15
First I've heard of it. Thanks. A must grab even though I'm not running PS any time soon.

Didn't like the plug of it being a 'Planescape Reunion'. Made it sound like it was going to be pased more on PS than generic, which of course, its generic. Just a quip I guess.


Jan 31, 2004 23:27:44
I'll be buying it as soon as I can. Many of the locations they'll be detailing seem like prime fodder for use as demiplanes and perhaps even prime worlds.

Heck, with the quality of their past work I'm waiting to use the book as an idea mine for concepts and such to strip off and retool in part or whole for future campaigns.



Feb 02, 2004 0:07:38
I was also currious about it not being mentioned on Planewalker. I sounds like a great book to buy. And besides, i love anything by Monte Cook.:D