Gemstone Dragons



Jan 31, 2004 3:03:36
How come we never heard of these guys?

You'd think Neutrality having said servants would make an excellent addition to DL lore. They could become the "tie breakers" between Tiamat and Paladine's forces during other times of war and add a dangerous third party untrusted/unloved by both


Jan 31, 2004 6:44:26
When DL first came out I don't think these guys even existed. I certainly use them as the dragon balancing between good and evil. Sort of like watchers of all things draconic.


Jan 31, 2004 7:30:47
The main reason we don't see any gem dragons in Dragonlance is because they are all universally psionic creatures. As such, they don't play a role in the saga. Also, as SweetMeats suggests, they were not an "official" element of D&D until 2nd edition, although they appeared first in Dragon magazine (and reprinted again in Best of Dragon IV).

Dragonlance products have attempted to include neutral dragons on occasion, from the astral dragons chained together and living apart from the rest of the world on Lunitari, to the little furry kodragons who act as their servants and agents. None of these has really worked - certainly none of them is as significant and useful as the ten standard dragon types.

If you were to introduce the gem dragons, your best bet would be to explain their psionic talents as just another expression of magic, not as a separate or additional kind of magic. Make it arcane, for instance, and don't give them psionic attack modes and other features of D&D's psionics rules. With luck, this will still make them balanced enough with the other dragon types. You'll also have to explain where they've been all this time - either they're independent and distant observers made by Gilean to remain uninvolved, or they dwell on a far continent apart from Ansalon and Taladas. You have another option, too - have them arrive from the same world as Malys and the other alien dragons, after the War of Souls and the moving of Krynn by Takhisis. Gilean asserts his claim on them, and presto - neutral dragons.



Jan 31, 2004 9:14:42
How much would be affected if towards the end of the War, Gilean had the Neutral dragons step in (breaking the compact of the egg was something that violated balance since it was genocide) and kick Tiamat's armies butt..

BUT....the Gemstone dragons threw their support behind the Knights of Takhasis during the war of Summer Flame and thus Ariakan wins


Jan 31, 2004 10:24:23
i still remember the giant flame wars that raged for years in afdl cause of this topic...

basically, there is a balance, but its a dichotomy more than a triangle, regardless of what they say.

no gem dragons balances in the same way that no paladine and tak is still balanced with gilean remaining.


Jan 31, 2004 13:13:16
While the standard gem dragons of D&D are inherently psionic, not all gem dragons have to be.

Mystara, for example, has different types of gem dragons that are not psionic in nature. For example, they replace the crystal dragon with a crystalline dragon.

Cam's suggestions for incorporating them are really good. If you're not keen on psionics in Krynn, then give them inherent sorcerer or mystic levels. Or, you could explain psionics as a form of magic.

Or, you could just add psionics. ;)