Use of "faith points"? your opinion?



Jan 31, 2004 3:58:41
Because my players have alaways been quiet involved with religion in greyhawk, and i 've always found that a good source of roleplay, i decided to add something to the game.
But i would like to have your opinion, if you've ever done this kind of things, or, what do you think about it.
I would like to give Chracter, depending their fervor and devotion in god(s), some "faith points". Priest would gain twice, maybe paladin also, and other normal. For a good act toward their deitie, they would gain something like 1 pt /lvl each day, not cumulative. Of course it will stop if devotion slow down.
Those faith points can be used, each day, to alter destiny, thats to say a die roll. Player can minus/bonus a die roll with their points, in whatever action.
They would call for their god help in one or two particular action, and alter slighty their destiny (or doom??).
Did you ever exeperience this kind of stuff, what do you think about?
Thank you.


Jan 31, 2004 19:51:40
My first thought is why give clerics/paladins a bonus? Is their devotion to their diety any more than the lay person? Do the gods feel a closer connection? What about play balance, should these two classes get additional benefits over and above the remaining classes?

Second thought, should a PC gain an advantage simply for worshiping a god? Do you as a DM value reverent PCs over the non-reverent? Is there an inherent game value that worship of a god adds to your campaign? Is there some alternative benefit that a non-religious PC can claim?

Game mechanics, do you really want your 5th level characters gaining bonuses to 5 separate rolls each day, 10 if they are clerics? In many games that will be every roll the character makes.

If a god rewards worship through the granting of faith points, then what do all the divine spells mean? Could a cleric feasibly loose faith points, but still gain spells? Or vice versa?

Finally, would Istus be upset that so many other gods are altering the chances of fate?


Feb 01, 2004 2:16:24
I agree you are giving out to many points and you shouldn't favor Paladins and Clerics. Think more along the lines of 1 pt/month of Faithfullness. When a character uses a point it should be a major event.

One advantage I see (as a DM) right away is the economic one. Make sure staying "faithful" drains a good portion of the characters finances, say a straight 15% tithe plus paying for "special needs" of the local church. Make them PAY for the advantage you are allowing them.

And don't forget, the gods are even more meticulous than the IRS when it comes to characters calculating their income.


Feb 01, 2004 4:00:00
yes you right for the amoun , i vent tested it yet, but i would readjust it to pt/lvl per week Of course it will stop if the character act in a "profane" way all the point can be used in one time, are separtly.
it will give worshipper an andavtage yes. But it cost to merit those points, it cost roleplay ang gold, and it adds much to the game. Those who are not concerned by worshipping can use this time and money to other things. But it tends players to devellop roleplay (IMHO).
I will think about it for sometimes before to use it, but i believe in sucha system because it's simple and logical. ( a littlte little help on destiny on this strike, or save, or damage, beacuse you deserve it).