A Dark Sun Visualization



Jan 31, 2004 21:24:05
This is a 3D map of Gulg and Nibenay as well as the Cresent Forest. I created this in Adobe as pratice to get the filters down right. I tried to be as accurate as possible. I only speculated on the lake and the Noble's villages. I can see placing many other villages and roads there on the verdant belt as well.



Feb 01, 2004 0:45:53

Now, just map out the rest of the Tablelands . . . (j/k)


Feb 01, 2004 2:45:40
Nice one! Is this the first of more? A view of Tyr from the foothills of the Ringing Mountains would be great...


Feb 01, 2004 14:04:10
I'll get right on to the tablelands next!...it should only take a few years to map out the entire Dark Sun world! If I ever become a paraplegic, I would map map out the entire Dark Sun region in a 3D graphics program.

I originally planned to use that map style for a post-apocalyptic world (similar to Dark Sun, but with guns and no elves!), however, this morning I awoke with the thought of creating Kalidnay as it was. After looking at the Tyr Region map, I can see some features that I would like to incorporate into a map. I first thought of drawing just a regional map, then I thought of creating a pre-Free Year Dark Sun world, just like out of the original box set.

I would like to do a 3d map of the city of Tyr and its region, however, the Ringing Mountains are huge! I have to figure out a to enlarge my mountains layer without it looking blurry.


Feb 02, 2004 19:57:43
When I'm finished with the Tablelands map, I'm planning on creating a bump (elevation) map of the same, toss it into 3DS, and then render the bastard. Thought about making a true 3D model, but the time consumption would be huge and I have too many projects going on right now. Was thinking of making VRML model.

Good job - map looks pretty good.