new Signer feat



Feb 01, 2004 8:20:29
I had an idea for a feat for the Sign of One faction, but I can't decide on the specifics. Basically, by making a big Will save and paying an XP cost, a Signer can emulate any spell up to a certain level. There should be lots of requirements and the XP cost and DC should be pretty steep, but what do you think of it?


Feb 01, 2004 11:56:01
ummm, that it is totally equivalent to casting wish...

that means, at least 5000px and also the price for mading a item for casting wish once...

that would be about 7500-10000px

or limited wish, with lesser costs.


Feb 01, 2004 13:45:38
I would only let them duplicate spells of up to second or third level with this, and probably within a limited range of spells. I think they could probably only handle illusions and divinations (they aren't really divining, they're making it happen in a limited way), anything more and their philosophy gains too much potency, which would be upsetting to the whole "nobody is definitely right" setup that the factions rely on.


Feb 01, 2004 13:52:38
Yea, it would work kind of like a limited wish spell, but more like a super-limited wish. It would be usable like once per day and would only function... I don't know level 3 or lower, and have an xp cost and some hefty requirements. But when your fervent belief is that you are the creator of the multiverse you live in and you can shape it to your will, you'll eventually get something out of it.


Feb 01, 2004 16:14:08
So, what you're thinking of is closer to say, a generalized shadow conjuration that let you cast from any school. Actually, it might be kind of cool to be able to disbelieve the effects of the Signer's ability like you could shadow conjuration, but that's another matter.

Well, in terms of XP cost, if you were to craft a wand it would usually cost 840 XP, or about 17 (16.8) XP per casting. That's actually pretty cheap. Of course, the 10,500 gp is not. And the spell effect you're describing seems to be better than shadow conjuration in most ways...

So, I'm going to go out on a limb and start this off by suggesting a casting cost of 50 XP per spell level, and 1 point of temporary wisdom drain (or maybe charisma, or constitution).


Feb 01, 2004 17:41:57
I think comparing it to a spell works. And making it better than the comparison spell also works, because this ability (a) requires a feat and prerequisites (which I haven't determined, probably Iron Will and any applicable faction feats), (b) is limited to once(?) per day, and (c) requires a Willpower save to take effect.

I like the idea that you could disbelieve it, like an illusion. But here's an idea. What if it was restricted to other Signers being able to disbelieve it? Realistically, other factioneers believe that the multiverse is constant and much less mutable, so they would not really be eligible for an attempt to revert reality themselves.


Feb 02, 2004 4:15:07
ummm, he he he giving a second throught...

what about a shadow conjuration or evocation there the singer have to BELIEVE it?

that means that the signer have to pass the will save against this own spell and if he does it, then it becomes totally real.


Feb 02, 2004 10:47:22
Canslayer: Heh, that was similar to the "Solipsism" spell in 2nd. ed. :D It created an "illusion" that was real only if you believed it...


Feb 15, 2004 11:02:08
one of the campaigns i play in, we use similar abilites to that. we use a squared spell level for the xp cost and it seems to be a lot safer and more balanced. a 0th or 1st level spell costs oh say 100xp, but a 2nd level is 4 times that or a third level is 9 times that. and if you incoroporate the rule where you cant expend more xp than would keep you at your current level it helps things like that from getting abused. they could use it once per day for a small level spell but if they tried to use it for a high level spell itd be at risk for dropping them a level. which you could then just say theyre xp is lowered to the base xp for theyre current level and the spell fails.

i also use a system where my players never know how much xp they actually have. only theyre level. keeps em on theyre toes when creating magic items.
(oops im sorry, but that vorpal sword... well i know it looks like its vorpal and all but you really didnt have enough xp to make it vorpal at the time. i guess maybe thats why the pit fiend is still hitting you...)


Feb 23, 2004 21:32:39
Here's my suggestion...

Insert Name [Type]

Insert flavour text / basic description


Sign of One (pre-FW) / Mind's Eye (post-FW)


Wis 17+, Harness Divinity, Powers of Imagination, Illusion Perception, Reality Craft, Base Will save +7 bonus.


Each day, a Signer with this feat is able to emulate a number of spells at the expense of experience.

For purposes of daily limits, the level of each spell emulated is adjusted upward by 1. The Signer may attempt to emulate a number of adjusted spell levels equal to one-half their character level, rounded down (Thus, a 20th-level Signer could emulate one 9th-level spell, five 1st-level spells, one 4th-level and 5 0-level, or any other combination). Spells may be drawn from any list, provided the Signer has experienced its effects.

The Signer makes a Will save against a DC of 20 plus twice the spell level (20+(SL*2)). If the save is successful, the spell is cast as though the Signer had half their character levels in the appropriate class. The xp loss for a successful spell is equal to 25 times the square of the spell level ((SL^2)*25, 10xp for 0-level spells).

If the save fails, the spell is not cast and the Signer's faith in their own reality is seriously shaken. The experience penalty is doubled (ie, (SL^2)*50), and the character cannot use any Sign of One/Mind's Eye feats for one day per level of the failed spell. A failed 0-level spell has a cost of 20xp, and Signer feats are unusable for 12 hours.