Alchemy in the 'Hawk



Feb 02, 2004 11:44:42
Just trying to gauge how much people use Alchemy in Greyhawk. In my campaign only very large cities like Greyhawk itself will have an alchemist who is generally Baklunish. Alchemists Fire and the making of such is a closely guarded secret of a Bakluni Guild and is almost impossible to purchase except in those western areas.

Anyone else limit Alchemy in their game (or do away with it altogether)?


Feb 02, 2004 15:19:42
Tizoc has made pretty extensive use of alchemy in our 583 CY Wild Coast campaign.

We also had a PC who traveled up and down the cities of the Wild Coast, selling alchemical wares, potions, etc.


Feb 02, 2004 15:50:59
I don't use alchemy because I don't know anything about it. The closest I have ever been is the occasional vial of Silversheen. I have never read about it in any of the rule and source books over the years. I just have not taken the time - but it has always interested me. Maybe this thread will change my Greyhawk paradigm regarding alchemy... ;)


Feb 03, 2004 9:21:42
Hey guys, I do remember "The netbook of alchemy." Unfortunately I can't track down where it was.


Feb 03, 2004 22:50:39
Alchemy is a good alternative to magic in the game world. Just think of these Hedge Wizards who are actually alchemists. One you limit to much hecate and each potion, powders, and liquids are limited by the time it takes to make them.