A Player's Guide to the Outlands



Feb 02, 2004 17:34:23
I was wondering if there is a text transcript of the audio to be found on this downloadable CD product from Wizards.com.

It uses some weird RealPlayer format, so I can't just burn it on a CD and play it for my group, so I'll either be typing it up or using someone else's previous transcript (if one exists). Anything like this out there?


Feb 02, 2004 18:24:59
Hmm... not that I honestly remember. There may be, but I've never seen one. Perhaps some of the regulars here might recall this as existing out there somewhere?


Feb 03, 2004 18:00:11

Search:planescape...6th from the top on the first page.

= =


Feb 03, 2004 18:30:18
That's just the downloadable audio, I'm looking for a text transcript. I suppose I may end up having to do my own.