A Ravenloft World



Feb 02, 2004 23:49:48
Greetings denzions of the shadows.

I have created a fuller world, pushed back the Mists to create a land that is more like the real world, though not to the level of Masque of the Red Death.

The problem is that in rearranging my expanded core if ended up with some holes that I don't want to keep holes.

To the west, a weeks sails from the coast of the main core I have set my north america like landmass. The north starts with the realm of Kartakass. I had to remove Harkon Lucas from the main core because there would be too good a chance of him defeating his curse if his land was next to the juggernaut that I have made of Hazlan. Hazlik would eventually find something in Kartakass that he needed for his great magic plans, and would easily crush it with the mighty armies and magic he has at his desposal. This would cause Lucas to become a guerilla leader and he would thus unite the land, something he is not supposed to do. So he is instead far away, hearing only snippets of the great events happening in the old world.
South of Kartakass is the realm called Whall. It consists or the colony of Neuludendorf settled by the Lamordians in their rulers bid for a bigger slice of the prestige pie. Further south is the original city of St. Hallen. St. Hallen is to serve the role of Boston in my world and is the gateway to my New England Tepest which is west of Whall. I moved Tepest here for two reasons. Reason number one is to replace it with Okraina in the core and two, because it had become New England like with its witch hunts. A bonus is that I can cause the goblins to fill the role of the savage indian. Removing it from the local of the fey makes the witch hunt all the more horrifying to me.
South of Whall is the plantations of Arkendale with its Charelston of Arkendale. Arkendale has aligned itself with what I call the Enlightened Alliance. It consists of Mordentshire, Zherisia, Farelle, and Staunton Bluffs. Arkendale exports large amounts of tobacco to the core.
West of Arkendale and south of Tepest is Verbrek which with its frontiersmen are a kind or Kentucky-Tennesse area. With werewolves taking the place of indians man must fight to tame the wild. The fact that they are not winning frustrates the mayor of Arkendale, Nathan Timothy, to no end.
South of Arkendale is Liffe. Im making it have the cotton and slaves. From what I have read I have no clue what the horror is supposed to be in Liffe. Therefore I am going to have the horror be slavery.
Southwest of Liffe will be my New Orleans, my Louisiana, swampy Souragne with its city of Port'd Elhour.

St. Hallen, Arkendale, and Port'd Elhour will all have large populations to represent their importance.


Feb 03, 2004 0:07:50
Next is my north africa landmass.
The western coast is Valachan. Once I have the 4th Gazzatter I may have more to develope here. Moving it is really a set up for future events and the fact that it was too warm to be part of the core european landmass. For now I know that Valachani merccenaries serve in Sithicus to keep to keep the dwarf in power over the elves. I am also going to have them go the Barbary Coast rotue when the 4th continent is discovered and is brought under the control of Nidala.
East of Valachan is Sithicus. Once again not having the 4th book is slowing development of this area. Climate is the reason that it has moved to this southern continent.
East of Sithicus is the Nidala cluster. It makes a nice flow from the hot damp of Sithicus and Valachan to the hot and arid of the Hazlan Empire. The forests of eastern Nidala I am changing to a medditeranean chaparel intstead of the more northern forests that seem implied. The 4th continent I am planning on containing the domains in the BoS books that are of the spanish america variety. Nidala being Spain will gain control of these and make it my third world power.
East of Nidala is the second strongest nation, The Empire of Hazlan. To further his arcane studies, Hazlik has expanded well beyond the normal borders of turkish Hazlan. East of Nidala is the Amber Waste cluster. It connects my africa and europe landmasses. Egyptian Har' Akir and Sebua, and persian Pharazia dell to Hazlan about 5 years ago. The magic of Hazlan proved to much for the locals and they all serve under the Mulan of Hazlan.
While resistance groups exist they cannot hope to fight off Hazliks army or mages.
South of these land the Wildlands was discovered just this January. Not much exploration has yet occured.


Feb 03, 2004 0:53:47
Now comes the big bad evil heart of the world.
Instead of what it is I am just gonna go with what is differant from the book.
Starting in the southeast there is Hazlani Pharasia connected to Hazlan proper and polish Nova Vaasa. The southern part of Nova Vaasa has fallen to the armies of Hazlan. This war came about as a result of a rift in the Lawgivers church and Hazlik wanting a few items found in the cliff tombs. Nova Vaasa is only able to withstand Hazlan due to assistance from the Darkon Empire. While Azalin has no love of Nova Vaasa and wishes to ad it to his realm eventually, he has too many problems with his already conquered lands and does not want Hazlan on his border.
I have taken Forlorn out and placed Sanguinia there instead. Sanguinia is my worlds Montenegro, having withstood assaults by Hazlan simply due to terrain and weather.
Before the dissapearance of Forlorn some unknown event occured causing the Goblyns to flee. They all fled to Gundarak adding to the strife caused by an uprising called the Black Hand.
The army of Goblyns caused confusion that allowed the Duke to crush the Black Hand and then push the goblyns into the Balinoks
Hence hungarian Gudarak has not fallen to romanian Barovia.
South of the Hazlan Balinoks is greek Daglan. It too has fallen to Hazlan due to Hazliks desire to have the Crown of Souls rumored to be hidden there.
Arak had the scourering wind but it destroyed the cities not the people. The event that caused the scourering wind did not create Keening but it did make Loht the Darklord of Arak. I have made the people of Arak horse nomads of the type to be found in the old russian -istan region. The Darkon Empire invaded Arak shortly after the conjunction and ruled it until Azalins dissapearance. With his return Darkon is reasserting its control of the area.
East of Darkon lies siberian Vorostokov. This region has appeared only within the last few months. It is ruled by Gregor Zolnik. His rule is being challenged as mages and scouting parties cross into the snowcovered valley from Darkon. Gregor dreads the day that spring comes and his rule is overthrown by these powerful foreigners.
Where Tepest, Keening, and G'Henna I have placed Okraina. It is ukrainian feeling from what I remember reading. I dont remember though where I read about it. It too fell to the Darkon Empire. When Azalin dissapeared Falkovnia invaded. With Azalins return a great war occured as the Darkonian army drove the Falkovnians out. The land was greatly destroyed due to the battles. The Okrainians greatly desire the rule of Azalin over Drakov after having suffered under both of them. Okraina is thus more subjugated then Arak. There is a large mass of soldiers on the Falkovnian border though since Azalin is unable to raise undead there.
In the place of Markovia is a fresh-water sea. At the center is L'ile de la Tempte. The Lighthouse actually works and saves the lives of people, much to the chargrin of the werebat dwelling there.
On the coast of Dorvinia and Borca I am placing venician Monte Mal. It is the center of trade for the sea since all that border it hate everyone else.
Dorvina is is a seperate nation though not a seperate domain.
It Borca, and Invidia are all very italian. Borca is like Milan at its height. Invdia is likely to challange that postion not that it has been centralized.
I put Ghastria inbetween Dementlieu and Mordentshire so that the french realms are close together.
In the area that held Verbrek I placed Farelle and gave it an English culture. The influence of Farelles neighbors is furthering its advancement annoying Jack to no end.
Zherisia and Staunton Bluffs are south of Mordentshire. The 4 english lands have an alliance stronger then the defense alliance that Dementlieu Richmulot Ghastria Borca and Dorvinia have against Falkovnia.
Lamordia is now ruled by the baroness. She has endevored to make Lamordia a power to prevent the other barons from trying to take control of the duchy from her. She has forcefully annexed Markovia and Dominia as a show of strength. Markovia is not a tropical island. Being cold as it should be.
I took away the Nocturnal Sea also.

So the problem is what do I put in the holes that are where Kartakass, Sithicus, Valachan, and eastern Verbrek?