Hoopak of Many Items (The Polypak)



Feb 03, 2004 10:00:45
I was thinking of giving this item to my kender NPC. Can someone help me with the Caster Level and pricing on such an item? Any other comments on it's abilities?

Hoopak of Many Items (The Polypak)

This magical item has been handed down from one kender to the next since the time of the Second Dragon War. Kender tales claim it was a gift from Magius himself to a kender that saved him from the clutches of the villainous Galen Dracos. Although in official texts there are no mentions of a kender saving the arch mage it is a gripping tale none the less. For this gallant rescue the wizard presented the kender M.T. Pockets with a hoopak of the finest quality. Crafted from a supple dark red wood, the hoopak sported a smooth worn shaft, bronze metal tips and a superiorly crafted sling. The kender was instantly smitten with the weapon.

Next the archmage revealed that the hoopak was more than it seemed to be. With a simple thought the hoopak could change shape into any number of forms. All owner had to do was simply will it to change and it would. Sure these items were small and non-descript, but the number of things it could change into was countless. M.T. was so proud of his new item he named it his "polypak" and immediately headed off to Hylo to show his kin. Ever since then the polypak or "Hoopak of Many Items" has been handed down from one kender to the next.

The polypak is actually a magical staff of polymorph that only works on itself. It is not intelligent but it can be willed to take the shape of nearly any item that fits within a certain weight and material range. The staff may transform into any item of wood including a limited amount of metal, hemp or cloth. Its weight can range from less than one pound to up to twenty pounds. The limits of its other dimensions are usually determined by the item it transforms into. Up to 50 feet of rope can be created and it can transform as thin as paper. The polypak even takes on the properties of those items meaning that as paper it is easy rip or burn but gets a saving throw for being a magical item in those situations. If the polypak is damaged it transforms back into its original shape of a small staff. (Because it is primary ownership among kender however it is normally discovered as a hoopak.) In addition to the shape changing ability the polypak is also a +3 weapon.

Here is a modest list of the number of items a Polypak can transform into: Basket, Bird cage, Bow (short or long), Bucket, Crossbow, Fishing pole, Hammer,,Jo stick, Portable ram, Rope, Small barrel, Small animal trap, Small chest, Small ladder, Small spear, Snow sled, Step stool, Toy sailboat, Wooden buckler, Wooden flute, Wooden helmet, Wooden necklace, Wooden spike, Wooden sword... and so on and so forth.

(P.S. Thanks to Cam for the "Polypak" name. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me, heh.)