DarkHelm's Champion of Rajaat Template



Feb 05, 2004 18:58:55
Ok, I built a template which I'll be applying to each of the Sorcerer-Monarchs. I pulled some ideas for game-system mechanics from Deities & Demigods, but it doesn't make the Champions into gods themselves. You can check it out here.

Input/suggestions/ideas/comments are most welcome.


Feb 07, 2004 12:29:29
I thought the template was great except for one thing....
When Rajaat made his Champions they did not posses the ability to channel magic to their templars. They received this ability after imprisoning Rajaat from Borys use of the Obsidian Oracle.


Feb 07, 2004 13:27:13
Bah. I hadn't known that until after I wrote the template. I've always considered that it was an ability they had to use during the Cleansing Wars.... Oh well.

Ok, maybe I'll write in there that the ability didn't surface until after they imprisoned Rajaat. Make it one that isn't so much a "new" power, as one they hadn't realized they had. Or one that was "unlocked".


Feb 07, 2004 16:17:10
I liked the idea of champions having their templars during the wars. As it was in RaFoaDK.



Feb 07, 2004 22:39:17
Wo, back up.

Cyrus9a, do you know in what book the reference comes from?
It could help if you told me you read the Prism Pentad recently.

I never read anything even remotely like that, but I also know that a tired mind can gloss over whole phrases at 3 in the morning...

But I did read the PP two or three times 'tough...
I'm quite confuse to say the least...

And xlorep, you agree, you read that too last time?

-me thinking I'll read me back tha books-


Feb 08, 2004 6:48:33
Actually, I have read all five books of the PP and RaFoaDK within the last month or so. The PP does not mention anything about wether the SKs had the ability to channel spells to their templars prior to their revolt. As for RaFoaDK, I don't remember it saying anything about that either. The only source that I know of that mentions it at all is the King's Age Calendar/Timeline of Athas document, downloadable from Wizards here:


On page 7 of this document you will find the following paragraph:

Through the use of the Dark Lens, Borys rewards the remaining Champions by beginning their transformations into sorcerer-kings. This process links each of them to living vortices, which allows them to grant their followers clerical spells.

I hope this helps to clerify things Pennarin.
By the way, Pennarin is the name of the extra sorcerer-king from RaFoaDK isn't it? I wonder where he could be fit in....


Feb 08, 2004 14:11:16
Page 11 of Dragon Kings

In actuality, with the casting of their first metamorphosing spells, the sorcerer-kings each attracted the attention of a very powerful and rare creature - a living vortex...

Now when did that happen...?

PS Interesting note, it also says that the SKs are in the dark about why they can grant spells to their templars.


Feb 08, 2004 17:09:35
That part of the Timeline is IMHO among the worst blunders of the people at TSR, I think it was Melka. What was that bit about «rewards the remaining Champions by beginning their transformations into sorcerer-kings», meaning they weren't dragons before they transformed Borys?
Denning must be turning in his not-yet entered grave. :sad:

That part should be severly edited in a new official release, if possible. At least it will be, in my campaign.

Thanks for the info Cyrus9a


Feb 09, 2004 12:36:06
If i recall correctly, in rafoadik hamanu was talking about how when he became troll scorcher at first he was channeling an ungodly amount of energy to his templars during the crusade aganst the trolls, but when he dropped his illusionary disguise to see what he looked like after a year or so and saw what he was trasforming into (prompted by his first bone shard being expelled i think, and hurting a lot), he realized that channeling templar energy, coupled with dragon magic and troll scorching, was transforming him more and more, so he stopped handing out tempklar spells willy nilly and became a very stingy guy in regards to that and spell casting as a whole, attempting to rpeserve what was left of his humanity for as long as possible. so that would imply that all the champions had spell-casting granting power. The whole transformation thing could be entirely unique to hamanu as part of his unique condition, and i think it is, but the templars, i think all champions would have that, as a means to give their soldiers an edge in the cleansing wars.



Feb 09, 2004 12:42:13
The timeline does tend to be a little cluttered occasionally, like it was most definitely a work in progress. However, I'll adapt my Champion of Rajaat PrC to fit within the timeline. It shouldn't be hard, and the PrC shouldn't be affected itself, rather just some of the filler text for the abilities needs to be rewritten a little.