Planar Cities - How big is too big?



Feb 05, 2004 19:03:41
At the moment I'm working on a write-up of an Abyssal Layer, and was developing the settlements of layer. As I was working, I found I wasn't sure what population figures were appropriate for sites of this nature. Do I need to cut the numbers of these cities back, or will these work?

The cities are:

Principal Towns

Calcifane, the Ossified City (planar city): Monstrous; AL CE; 10,000,000 gp limit; Assets 80,000,000,000,000,000 gp; Population 20,000,000; Mixed (undead and petitioners 37%, shushuka-no-hone 22%, tanar'ri (uridezu) 25%, tanar'ri (assorted) 8%, oni (assorted) 6%, other 2%).

Authority Figures: Erehhselfon (CE neuter uridezu 20 HD) ; Kejer Oth (CE female bone marilith 11 HD)

Important Characters:

Drond, the Ossiary of Dust (small planar town): Nonstandard; AL N; 800 gp limit; Assets 58,000 gp; Population 1,450; Integrated (undead 61%, human 8%, tiefling 7%, aasimar 6%, bariaur 4%, half-elf 3%, gnome 3%, dwarf 3%, elf 2% other 3%).

Authority Figures: Halix Auruflame (N male dragonkin lich Wiz19 Dustman)

Important Characters:

Kyuden-No-Te-To-Ashi (planar palace): Monstrous; AL CE; 100, 000 gp limit; Assets 225,000,000 gp; Population 45,000; Isolated (shushuka-no-hone 99%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Honeshi, Yama King of Bones, the Great Flenser

Important Characters:

Nambrool, the Keep That Stands (planar fortress): Monstrous; AL CE; 10,000,000 gp limit; Assets 1,750,000,000,000 gp; Population 3,500,000; Mixed (tanar'ri 70%, petitioners and undead 21%, tieflings and half-fiends 7%, yugoloths 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Prescious Fatted Newt (CE male bone nalfeshnee 11 HD); Crammollin (CE male molydeus ? HD)

Important Characters: Mormorlim (CE neuter bone glabrezu 10 HD)

Do those population numbers sound all right?

Also, what is the actual gp limit for planar cities according to the Epic Level Handbook? I took a guess and set it at 10,000,000 gp, but the official number would be nice.

Chris Nichols


Feb 05, 2004 20:41:56
I'm glad you're still creating Abyssal layers.

Those numbers are fine as far as I'm concerned. It's not as if there is some multiversal law that limits the size of cities - the only limit is how many resources can be piped in.

Although a city of twenty million tanar'ri would be a very nasty place to be.


Feb 08, 2004 11:14:04
I'm of the opinion that, with a millions prime worlds home to millions of creatures, not to mentions infinite planes home to millions of mortals with souls that there is no real limit on planar populations. It's also not really your standard population situation, since population size has no limits except the plane itself. Bytopia is full of food, but likes small, cozy communities, so the populations are probably low although its literally bursting with food. At the same time, the Abyss is probably one of the hardest places in the Outer Planes to grow crops, but it's penchant for gibbering hordes probably maintains high (and miserable) populations sustained on planar energies.
The moral of this story is: We're not in Waterdeep any more, Toto.