Summon Monster preview.



Feb 06, 2004 11:36:41
Hey folks.

Below is a preview version of the Athas-specific list for Summon Monster. This is the list that will be featured in the upcoming Terrors of Athas release from and we're looking for feedback, comments, suggestions - the usual round of uncompromising scrutiny ;) The final version will be the official list, to be released with ToA. There's another thread for Summon Nature's Ally. Note that we are going with the inclusion of celestial and fiendish templates - you could treat these creatures as infused with energy from the negative or positive material planes. The Gray- and Black-Touched templates will be in ToA but working versions are at Nyt's site (www.


Summon Monster – Athasian variant
Creatures in bold are found in Terrors of Athas.
Creatures in italics are found in Terrors of the Deadlands.

(1) The creature may only be summoned into an aquatic environment.
(2) The creature may only be summoned into a silt-rich environment.
(3) The creature may only be summoned into an abundant environment (DS3e Core Rules Chapter 8).

Celestial dog
Celestial giant fire beetle
Celestial jankx
Celestial monkey
Celestial owl
Celestial skyfish(1)
Fiendish dire rat
Fiendish hawk
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Medium
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Small
Fiendish monstrous spider, Small
Fiendish octopus(1)
Fiendish raven
Fiendish snake, Small viper

Blight (undead)
Celestial eagle
Celestial giant bee
Celestial giant bombardier beetle
Celestial riding dog
Fiendish jhakar
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Large
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Medium
Fiendish monstrous spider, Medium
Fiendish shark, Medium(1)
Fiendish snake, Medium viper
Fiendish squid(1)

Celestial black bear
Celestial giant lizard
Celestial kluzd
Celestial razorwing
Elemental, Small (any)
Fiendish ape
Fiendish cave fisher
Fiendish dire bat
Fiendish dire weasel
Fiendish giant termite queen
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Huge
Fiendish snake, constrictor
Fiendish snake, Large viper
Gray-touched rasclinn
Gray-touched sand howler
Gray Zombie (undead)

Celestial giant eagle
Celestial giant owl
Celestial lion
Fiendish giant praying mantis
Fiendish giant wasp
Fiendish lirr
Fiendish monstrous spider, Large
Fiendish athasian shark, Large(1)
Fiendish snake, Huge viper
Mephit (any)
Xorn, minor

Celestial brown bear
Celestial feylaar
Celestial giant stag beetle
Celestial sea cat(1)
Elemental, Medium (any)
Fiendish cha’thrang
Fiendish dire ape
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Large
Fiendish athasian shark, Huge(1)
Fiendish takis
Fiendish tiger
Fiendish war crodlu
Obsidian Beast
Shadow Giant
Shadow mastiff

Athasian wraith
Black-touched tigone
Celestial dire lion
Elemental beast (any)
Elemental, Large (any)
Fiendish brown silt horror(2)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Gargantuan
Fiendish monstrous spider, Huge
Fiendish snake, giant constrictor
Fiendish subterranean lizard
Gray-touched kalin
Janni (genie)
Paraelemental beast (any)

Arrowhawk, elder
Black-touched dark spider defiler
Celestial slimahacc
Djinni (genie)
Elemental, Huge (any)
Gray-touched hatori
Invisible stalker
Fiendish giant octopus(1)
Fiendish girallon
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Huge
Fiendish wyvern
Sand Bride

Black-touched kirre
Celestial aviarag
Celestial dire bear
Celestial white silt horror(2)
Elemental, greater (any)
Fiendish dire tiger
Fiendish giant squid(1)
Fiendish monstrous centipede, Colossal
Fiendish monstrous spider, Gargantuan
Greater shadow
Gray-touched gaj
Gray-touched silt weird

Black-touched dark spider psion
Black-touched obsidian retriever
Celestial athasian roc
Celestial athasian treant(3)
Celestial dark spider queen
Elemental, elder (any)
Fiendish dire athasian shark(1)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Gargantuan
Fiendish monstrous spider, Colossal
Gray-touched high drik
Sand Mother


Feb 06, 2004 13:10:57
Cool list, looks like a lot of effort went into it.