Feb 06, 2004 17:55:49
(In-game questios)
What is SIGIS?
How much does it cost?
Is it printed or handwritten?
If it is printed, why no-one prints magic books? and spells?
(In common D&D, I don't think there's someone that knows how to print. books are handwritten, right?)


Feb 06, 2004 18:07:13
Spellbooks are handwritten in D&D (most books, actually). I think that spellbooks have to be handwritten for the spells to properly work, but I could be making that up. As far as printing, I believe (again I could be making this up) that a Tinker Gnome somewhere in Sigil (or some other planar city) has a printing press that he invented, but being the creation of a Tinker, it's highly unreliable, to say the least.


Feb 06, 2004 18:26:29
There's a "printing press" in Sigil. It's in In the Cage or Sigil and Beyond.


Feb 06, 2004 18:43:54
Yep, I was right and wrong at the same time. I was right in that there is a printing press in Sigil. It's called the Automatic Scribe (found in Sigil and Beyond...thanks Primemover). But I was wrong when I said that it was created by a tinker gnome. It was in fact created by Grundlethum Blackdagger, a human wizard. It's his magical creation that was supposed to trap an intelligent elemental in the machine, but instead a lesser power of the Abyss managed to place some of its power into it, instead (somehow magically bypassing the Lady's defenses against such a thing happening).


Feb 06, 2004 19:09:29
I always considered that a bit of screed or heresay, the part about a lesser power getting into Sigil that way.

However it's also possible that if that power ever left the Automatic Scribe it would get booted out of Sigil instantly. Perhaps a loophole, or perhaps not. Or it may be that the amount of divinity in there isn't enough to make The Lady care, ie. Proxies are allowed to walk unhindered in Sigil, and so the level of divine influence enacted by way of the Automatic Scribe is trivial by The Lady's standards.



Feb 06, 2004 19:11:21
And as far as SIGIS goes, it's a bit of fan work from

As far as why don't you just mass print spellbooks: they take special inks and special preparations that a printing press can't handle, some of the process might be animated, but it still requires a large amount of personal effort by a trained mage or else the spell formula won't have the same magical potancy. Thats what I figure anyways.


Feb 07, 2004 0:44:29
I always figured that spells were bound more by the shape of their scribing than the actual words of the formula. Making a print of it would take more effort and produce lower quality works, which would probably be hazardous to use.


Feb 08, 2004 19:10:46
Originally posted by Shemeska the Marauder
they take special inks and special preparations

Well, i overlooked that... I always "manage" to forget something... Thank you anyway.