To Jamie, Chris and all those other great DL 3.5 writers



Feb 06, 2004 23:14:20
So far we have seen (or have heard of) the following Dragonlance 3.5 products:

Dragonlance Campaign Setting
Age of Mortals Companion
War of the Lance Compainion
Bestiary of Kyrnn
Towers of High Sorcery,

as well as the modules Key of Destiny, Spectre of Sorrows and Price of Courage.

This thread is addressed to you with the intention of relaying what the Dragonlance fans out there want to see in the comming years from your products/sourcebooks.

I would like to see a sourcebook based on the Age of Might myself. A look at the rise and fall of Istar, the 'issues' Ergoth had and the early development of the Solamnic knighthood. I do understand that much of this material is on the internet, and I have all I can get, but I would just love to see it go official.

Perhaps less realistic, I would love to see a sourcebook fully detail my favourite knighthood; The Knights of Neraka. Looking at the various rises and fallings of the Knighthood, it would be great if this could be written as many of the 2nd ed. stuff was. Inculde lots of useful information and stories, whilst not focusing too much on special rules and PRCs.

If anyone else would like to contribute to what they would like to see, feel free too.


Feb 07, 2004 7:12:39
Nice choices, I concur plus I'd like to see...

1. Races of Krynn. (Tinker rules and racial weapons included).
2. Holy Orders sourcebook. (Stick something for Mystics in there as well).
3. Regional Books that destail specific areas through the different ages (Silvanesti, BloodSea, Sanction, Plains of Dust, Abanasinia, Lemish...etc).
4. Book dealing with both knight orders (Solamnic & Neraka).
5. Sourcebook for the Legion of Steel.

Theres a few ideas from me that I would like to see.


Feb 07, 2004 8:24:00
I'll mention a couple that Jamie and/or Margaret mentioned were in the works:

War of the Lance (ala Age of Mortals)
Holy Orders of the Stars

I believe that Jamie also mentioned a book on knights on the Dragonlance-L mailing list, and I think he mentioned the possibility of a races handbook. That's what I remember hearing, at least. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

I know I'm biased on this, but I'd like to see a sourcebook detailing the time of Huma. The Third Dragon War is an excellent campaign era. Normally, I don't advocate detailing ancient history too much, but this is an area that is fairly fleshed out.

I'd like to see a book on ambient magic, detailing sorcery and mysticism in greater detail. Have further details on the Academy of Sorcery and Citadel of Light. Talk about other organizations and schools teaching the new magic. New prestige classes, such as a dragon mage or dragon mystic.

I'd be anxious to see a Chaos War era sourcebook too.

Okay, so I want it all and I want it now. ;)


Feb 07, 2004 8:40:32
Aye. Count me in for all that as well Dragonhelm.

A sourcebook for Huma's time would be really sweet.


Feb 07, 2004 9:55:04
My most sought after are;

1) Racial book (especially Minotaurs including PrC's and racial weapons)

2) Holy order of the stars (again with PrC's)

I just hope that the books coming out arent just focused on the human perspective since there are many other races on Krynn especialy now with the Horned Lords on the main continent, a Draconian civilization budding, Elves in exile, etc.....


Feb 07, 2004 21:24:04
Well, I htink Jamie mentioned something about a DL Adventure game, probably in the same style as the D&D Adventure game, and he also mentioned a book called Legacy of the Twins, presumably about Raistlin and Caramon, it's got Raistlin's stats as the Master of the Past and the Present in it.

Books I'd like to see? Ones on the Dragon Wars(which includes Huma's time) and the Age of Might, as well as the Time of Darkness(that's the time just after the Cataclysm, is it not?), a book on ambient magic, racial books(especially on Draconians), books on the Knighthoods, and a book on adventures on the seas, especially the Blood Sea, especially during the Age of Despair(when they had the Maelstrom).

PS: What is a Dragon Mage/Mystic? I know that it was a whats-it-called in SAGA, and that Ulin Majere was a Dragon Mage, but what *ARE* they?


Feb 07, 2004 21:44:29
Originally posted by Jacen Solo 5007
PS: What is a Dragon Mage/Mystic? I know that it was a whats-it-called in SAGA, and that Ulin Majere was a Dragon Mage, but what *ARE* they?

A dragon mage is a sorcerer who bonds with a dragon, and the two together can cast spells to greater effect. Ulin Majere is the only known dragon mage.

Dragon mystics are basically the same concept, save with mystics rather than sorcerers. Presumably, a dragon would have inherent mystic levels rather than sorcerer levels. There is no known instance of a dragon mystic.


Feb 07, 2004 23:17:37
I would like to see the following:

The Bestiary of Krynn coming out in March ...

The Towers of High Sorcery coming out in May ...


of this Year.



Feb 08, 2004 0:58:46
Personally, I wouldn't be too anxious to see Huma's Time fleshed out, because I know how the third dragonwar ends. Huma wins, and I'm irrelevant to the whole thing.

I wouldn't mind a campaign setting after Tolandruth's life, or 500 years before the cataclysm (ala Winterheim) or during the time after the event in the Barbarians trilogy, or during the elven and dwarven nations period.

The biggest criticism I have of the dragonlance line is that people seem to think that we want to "play the novels". In DLCS and AoM we aren't really given a campaign setting past the events in the books. It also seems key information is missing because we are afraid of spoiling the novels. The novels are dealing with important stuff like the reconquest of Solamnia by the Knights, the refounding of the WoHS, and the fate of Mina. If we can't sneeze without spoiling the next novel, perhaps we should hold off on the gaming products until this all settles down. Concentrate on the War of the Lance perhaps.


Feb 08, 2004 2:42:36
I would love to see something similiar scratch that ..superior to the atlas of todays d20 game..maps are often time left out..and considered irrelavent..hog wash..the one thing i could count on in 2e box sets were maps...I was dissapointed that there was no map in the DLCS. I know they offer it on the wizards main site..but its not the same..FRCSB gave a map of Faerun..any way..
Also..perhaps a gazeteer similar to what greyhawk and ravenloft have done..and i agree with the others who would like to see sourcebooks on different ages..but please put some maps in them that we can use. thanks for the great work..keep it up.


Feb 08, 2004 3:07:15
a gazetteer. it's all i've ever wanted from the setting, and all i'll continue to want.