Olven testings, light and dark



Feb 07, 2004 1:26:15
Yamo's review highlights the People of the Testing, a group who undergoes trials which suddenly struck me as very similar to those to which Lolth subjects drow---those drow that fail Lolth's test become driders, and outcasts from drowic society.

So, what happens to good olves that fail the test of the Seldarine? Are they transformed in some manner, similar to failed drow becoming driders? Are they banished or otherwise shunned?

And, what is it about the olven gods, with their testing the mettle of their worshippers? It sounds almost like preparation for some Ragnarok or some other cataclysm. What is it about the olven gods that makes them so proactive as to test their worshippers for some looming trial, and why isn't that trait more common among their mortal followers?

This preparation and forethought also sounds like strangely lawful-oriented behavior for such a chaotic people....

Your thoughts?


Feb 07, 2004 14:50:56
Interesting thoughts. As you mention Ragnorak, I can't help but think that maybe it is a possibility. At least for the elven race. Perhaps Lloth is planning a retributive strike against the elves of the sunlit lands. Maybe the two sides put their people through tests to prepare them to lead some monumental battle to come.

As far as the elves who fail to pass the test of the Moonarch, maybe they are doomed to forever hawk "Lucky Charms" or "Keebler" cookies. Who knows.;)


Feb 08, 2004 15:34:36
Have you ever speculated that Sehanine & Lolth are different aspects of the same goddess? Didn't one AD&D source state that Lolth & Corellon were lovers in ancient times, before the drow split from the rest of the elves? Lolth could be to Sehanine as Kali is to Devi, Shiva's wife. Kali is often depicted standing victoriously upon the corpse of Shiva.

Whether this is "true' or not, it could prove for an interesting conflict should a few Knights of Luna (or other influentual elves) become convinced of the "truth."

I always thought those Spindrift elves & the People of the Testing were a bit shady to begin with.


Feb 08, 2004 16:06:59
Another thing on the Kali-Lolth connection. Kali is a brutal, violent goddess, & is often depicted with fangs & four or more arms (approaching the likeness of a spider) & with black skin. She is also known as "The Black One," "The Black Goddess," "The Black Mother," "The Dark Mother," and "The Black Earth Mother." Kali was also venerated by the Thuggee, a murderous cult that strangled travelers throughout India until it was stamped out in the 19th century by the British.


Feb 09, 2004 10:09:09
In the few sources that I have seen on the Moonarch basically a few elves never come back. What that means exactly is up to the DM I guess but it could mean anything from they failed and are simply gone forever, or maybe they simply fit a specific criteria of Sehanine and become one of her chosen or something.

What I find more interesting is those that come back and have some sort of secret agenda. Not only is this intriguing but they also don't get along with the Elven Courts. Unfortunately I believe Sargent was the primary writer for this and we might never know what he was developing.


Feb 13, 2004 13:51:29
The elves who don't pass the test get 3 choices.

1. Making shoes for the cobbler.
2. Making cookies for the keebler.
3. Making toys for the wobbler.

adapted from the movie "Elf"