The Greyhawk Novel Series



Feb 07, 2004 15:28:48
I have to admit there are SOME aspects of the Forgotten Realms that I find intriguing but enough is enough! Talk about overdone. NOW it's time to concentrate on the one and the original: The World of Greyhawk!

How many novels about Forgetten Realms are there? Now compare to the few books on Greyhawk out there. They barely compare. I realize that one can't just say "poof" here is a novel, but maybe WotC can start offering incentives to get some of the many talented authors out there to spend some time on Oerth. After all, I thought Greyhawk was supposed to be the "official" setting of the new D&D. Well I certainly don't really feel that is how it is coming out (aside from the Living Greyhawk- which can only be found in irregular intervals in Dungeon Magazine). So much for "official."


Feb 10, 2004 1:57:41
I do not think the problem is a lack of writers willing to write about greyhawk... quite the contrary it is WotC not publishing greyhawk novels... from looking at thier Novel writers guidelines it is quite clear that they do nto except greyhawk novel proposals.


Feb 11, 2004 12:47:43
I still can't really get my head around why there seems to be this ban on all things Greyhawk, except in the actual rulebooks. What a contrary position. Is Greyhawk really that unpopular? I've always loved it best...


Feb 11, 2004 15:41:30
Is Greyhawk really that unpopular?

if it was there is no way that they would be using it in the core rule books.


Feb 26, 2004 13:11:13
Originally posted by cwslyclgh
... quite the contrary it is WotC not publishing greyhawk novels...

I think we've all heard WotC's excuses for not publishing any Greyhawk sourcebooks, but does anyone know why they're not publishing any more Greyhawk novels? The novels based on classic modules were a good idea, if unevenly executed. (The problem with them is that the novels had the difficult task of standing up to readers' memories of playing through the adventures, and to be faithful to the adventure but still maintain some suspense.) WotC also had a golden opportunity with the series of novels featuring the iconic characters; given the fact that Greyhawk is the core world, I was quite surprised to see that the novels with the iconic characters were not set in Greyhawk. What was the reasoning there?

It seems to me that what Greyhawk could really use are some original novels - not adaptations of classic modules - and it might help to use the iconic characters, like they did in the "Scourge of Worlds" DVD.


Feb 26, 2004 14:54:51
I think an excellent idea would be to build a series based on the Greyhawk wars. There's plenty of material there to base it on.