trying to put SJ in my campain



Feb 08, 2004 0:39:50
Hi let me give you a bit of background on my campain. So far we started on Greyhawk. They stayed there doing adventures till around level 7 they all decided to take the leadership feat. They all ran for odd jobs in there town all in all they settled down, and was running the town rather well. A mist rolled into the town (ala ravenloft) and transported the whole city to a world I created. During a battle with a long time rival demon Iuz (who came with them) there town was destroyed.

Ok now there all in a kind of shock stumbling around just killing what ever gets in there way, and I was thinking of having an elven scouting ship land and the party to kill them take the ship, and after much adventureing finaly find there way back to Greyhawk, and back to there families. They have yet to learn that there home city has been destroyed by the forces that commanded Iuz the demon Maelfesh.

Now the problems I have thought I will come across.

1. What if the PC's do not attack the elves in funny clothing that fly in a ship. Would there be a chance that the elves would be jumpy, and attack first if they thought that the PC's where about to ambush them.

2. What if the PC's decide that space flight is to risky, and decide not to go. I use to love SJ, but have not played it in years, and never run a campain. Can a helm take over a PC, and force it into space?

3. My players are heavy with the role-playing part of the game, and I was hopeing to let them settle down for good after the fight with Maelfesh, but what if they decide the Universe
is to big to settle down. after the fight with Maelfesh they should be around lvl 23, and I really don't wish the game to go higher than that.

4. do you think there is a better way to introduce spell jammer than having them... hijack a scouting ship it is a good aligned group?

Sorry for kind of babbleing, and thanks in advance :D


Feb 08, 2004 1:13:16
Originally posted by Kakita Yoshi
2. What if the PC's decide that space flight is to risky, and decide not to go. I use to love SJ, but have not played it in years, and never run a campain. Can a helm take over a PC, and force it into space?

I can only tell you how I, after a dozen un-bitten hooks, got my players into space.

If memory serves it involved subterfuge. A lot of hints about a MASSIVE TREASURE hidden in a CELESTIAL VAULT . . . underground. The long and the short of it: I set it up so that the characters had to battle their way into the heart of a dungeon, I kept their interest up with lots of traps, just enough 'sample treasure' to keep them salivating with greed and moving forward, in perfect hack-n-slash haste. . . until they came to the big bronze doors leading into an even bigger room in which was a. . .

*drum roll*

Ancient Elven Man-O-War!

edit: It was overgrown, barely had half it's Hull Points, and the helm wasn't exactly the best in the book, if you get my drift. ;)

There were gem encrusted gizmos, on board, inset into a control panel that, when touched by the thief (give them a saving throw, just be aware they will always fail) 'accidentally' actived this giant miasmic portal IN THE CIELING ABOVE which, literally, sucked them into space.

And that is the short boring story of how I got my players to FINALLY venture into Void Space.

Trickery. Deciet. Subterfuge.

The Dark Graces of the Dungeon Master! ;)


Feb 08, 2004 6:43:59
Don't think I'd rely on the PCs killing the elves and set off into space. Trickery is usually more reliable :D

Could try one of the following:
a) The PCs hear all kinds of rumors about some mysterious device that can get them home in a dungeon, eventually leading them to a hidden spelljammer (ala Kester's suggestion).

b) An arcane shows up with much the same, offering to sell them a spelljammer ("I hear you need to get back to Oerth...") and shows them the ropes before departing. This does have the advantage of giving the PCs some pointers of what to do instead of dumping them into a foreign environment without help.

c) Elves show up, but are looking for help. Their homeland is under scro attack; their oracles have sent them to the PCs (destined to beat the scro on that world). Long adventure later, the grateful elves give the PCs a ship (part 2 of their oracle's orders).

That's all I can think of off hand


Feb 08, 2004 10:35:40
The first time I 'suckered'... er.... entice them into space was with a deep rooted since of honor.

PCs meet an NPC who was in trouble with a bunch of Giants trashing him, then came to his rescue (back in 2e giants sometimes had goodly amount of treasure). The NPC thanked them for his rescue and bought all the PCs some grog and a meal at local tavern. The stranger had to use a tounge spell to communicate with them as he not understand thier language naturally.

This stranger then adventured with PCs for an adventure and after one adventure he then stated he needed some powerful adventures to help him with his an evil that has invaded his homeland (note still no mention of wildspace) .... he then took them to his hidden dragonfly ship (covered in an illusion), he only explained that it flew.... naturally PC thought this was a wonderful ship (that wold take them to a far away land/continent... not to another world) and next thing they new they looking at thier world as a tiny pearl... any player that had inclination of attacking thier friend ... seemed to have space sickness (sea sickness ... heeheee) .... after a few days everyone (after kicking the 'crude' out of some space pirates) were looking forward to doing the same to thier friend's enemies!

The key here was adventure and greed and a someone they rescued (which ment at any given time they could trash if needed) and latter the same gent helped them when they needed it... helped propel the PCs into space.


Feb 09, 2004 11:35:02
Thank you for the advice thankfuly I still have a few more weeks to think it over. Thanks everyone I would not have thought about doing it in such a... fun manner :D. It will not leave as bad of a taste in there mouths than killing a good race.


Mar 01, 2004 21:18:00
I went with an "Alien Abduction" angle. The PCs awaken in a holding cell with some other various races, most of whom are unconcious and everyone is nekkid. If there's no inventive rogues in the group, I had an Illithid add an unconcious halfling to the cell just as the PCs were gaining conciousness. This gives them an idea who their captors are. After that, it's an escape scenario. They ran about what they thought was a typical Underdark locale untill they reached the docks, where in the open roof above they could see the stars spinning about and their homeworld pass into view. They managed to escape into the asteroid fields and eventually hooked up with a gnomish prospector who gave them a hand and joined the group.


Mar 02, 2004 17:35:38
...the "Roswell" scenario worked well for me.
Especially when it was a neoghi ship with a great Old Master that had just crashed...

"There's something moving in here, and it ain't us!"
*bleep bleep of the Gnomish tremorsense detector...+5 Repeating crossbows quiver with their owners' fear...


Mar 04, 2004 12:43:15
I too am a Greyhawker. I had my plaers deep within a dungeon chasing an evil mage down. The mage hopped through a portal and ofcourse all my PCs followed.

They the followed some cooridors and came upon an exit. When they broke to the surface it was their own world they viewed in the sky bcuz they suddenly found themselves on Luna, one of their world's two moons.

There were 2 tradesman just a short distance off. The mage and his orc crew took off in 1 and guess who hopped in the other?


Mar 08, 2004 15:53:07
My players started out in FR setting. During their travels they became associates of a group of NPCs. When asked to join one of them on a trip (which started on a galleon). They agreed. The happy-go-lucky NPC left out the detail that the galleon would be traveling in space...... When they woke up it was a bit too late to reconsider.... It was a good way to introduce them and their characters to the setting, learn the skills to pilot and navigate, they eventually finished the mission and acquired their own ship, leading to the campaign I had for them.



Mar 15, 2004 13:31:37
My guys are FR gamers. I am also just now hooking them onto SJ-ing and have this hook... compacted version.

One of the fighters in the party is in love with a spellfire-bearing girl. Spellfire girl gets abducted by cult of the dragon in order to use her in creating the perfect helm powered by spellfire. They succeed, no matter what interference from the party.

Now girl is part of the ship, permanantly merged. They slaughter the Dragon cult acolytes, get to the ship and there they have a ship (dragonfly) with a permanent living helm. I had to conjure this up because I dont have ONE spell caster in my party of gamers, and asking them to drop their char to play one does not seem fair when they are 11th level.


Mar 15, 2004 18:52:15
That's a great idea DracoFeast! It's kinda like a lifejammer helm, but different. It also gives me great visuals of the wooden maidens on the front of old sea vessels, but in this case, living. Keen!