Preparing to play an elf in Greyhawk



Feb 08, 2004 10:15:18
I am very new to the GH boards and would appreciate the input of some of you "old timers."

Within a few weeks (I hope) I will be playing in the Greyhawk setting online using Never Winter Nights. (A link for anyone who might be interested in the world.)

Anyways, as I said, I'd like to play an elf. Not quite sure I'm up to speed enough on Greyhaw to pull it off, however. Let me preface this entire thing by saying that I've played exclusively in the FR but have always been interested in GH simply because it seems to be a more low-level, grittier enviroment. Hopefully, that is enough booty-kissing to get the help I need.:D

My question concerns the types of elves in Greyhawk. Unless I'm mistaken, High Elves are the equivalent of Sun Elves in the FR. Is this right? With Grey Elves being the equivalent of Moon Elves? I've read that both have Wild and Wood Elves.

If High Elves are equivalent to Sun Elves, do they have the same golden skin and light hair? Also, are they as haughty in this setting?

Lastly, I wish to play an elf fighter/mage. What would be a good home region if I do play a High Elf?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Feb 08, 2004 14:59:34
Elves in Gryhawk are pretty much the same as elves in the PHB. I'm not too familiar with FR's Sun & Moon elves, so I really can't say how similar they are. High elves do NOT have golden skin--& their hair tends to be dark. Grey elves have typically silver or golden hair & tend to be the "aristocracy" of the elf world (though that doesn't mean every grey elf is an aristocrat, or that other elven races can't be of noble birth).

The most prominent elven nations (recognized nations ruled by elves &/or w/ a strong elven presence) are Celene, Highvale, the Duchy of Ulek, Sunndi, & the Valley of the Mage. In addition, many forests have elven communities, & the elusive snow elves make their home in the Crystalmist mountains.

Sine Celene is mainly a grey elven nation, & only Valley elves inhabit the Valley of the Mage, I would say your best bet for a home region is Ulek, Highvale, or Sunndi.


Feb 08, 2004 15:51:26
First off- Welcome to Greyhawk Orcpaladin.

I am familiar with both settings and you are essentially correct. High elves are similar to the Sun elves of FR. In D&D infancy, that was the ONLY elf race you could play. It didn't open up until much later in the game that you could chose which elven race you wanted.

In Greyhawk, the High elf is considered the "default" setting and is the most common of the elven races (at least in terms of their interaction with humans).

The area of Highfolk would probably be a good place for your character to originate.

Good luck!


Feb 10, 2004 9:24:42
Welcome to Greyhawk.

The templates a pretty much the same except in temperment.

Forgotten Realms

Moon (Grey) = Friendly, reactive to others and adventurous
Gold (High) = Haughty, arrogant talk down your nose to everyone.


Gold (High) = Better reaction to others
Moon (Grey) = Haughty, insular and considered rarer.

Hope it helps.


Feb 11, 2004 11:59:00
Thanks all, for the welcome. I've really excited about playing in the Greyhawk realm.

Interesting that the attitudes of the two subraces are the reverse of those in the FR.

Probably going to try a fighter/mage when the servers go live, hoepfully some time in March.

Thanks again