greyhawk god info



Feb 09, 2004 0:02:35
Hello, I was wondering what greyhawk books contain info about all the dieties. I recently bought the pdf for Greyhawk Adventures for 1st or 2nd ed, but it had only a few gods. Is there a single book that has ALL the deities for Oerth?




Feb 09, 2004 0:22:54
The Living Greyhawk Gazetter has information about most of the gods commonly worshiped in the Flanaess (the part of Oerth where the greyhawk campaign takes place).


Feb 09, 2004 0:36:47
Go to the wizards of the coast website and then to the living greyhawk section. Search the archives for "Living Greyhawk Deities" dated 3/14/2003 and download the .pdf. It is the official list of deities for the living greyhawk campaign. It's great because in addition to the "base" gods like those in the PHB, it has many of the "defunct" gods of the suloise, baklunish, flan, etc plus those of the lesser know Olman and Touv cultures and those of many of the more common monsters like orcs, goblins, lizardmen, etc. It includes each god's symbol and their spell domans. I use it as a reference in my non-LG campaign. Comes in handy when I need to create a temple based in a dungeon occupied by creature "X" or when I need deity "Y" for an NPC cleric.


Feb 09, 2004 13:39:13
A complete listing of Greyhawk's gods can be found HERE. This list has 184 gods on it with basic information, but nothing comprehensive.

The LIST of Greyhawk gods from April 2000 mentioned by Twilight_Knight only has four unknown fringe gods not really worth exploring.

All of the PHB gods are detailed in Deities and Demi Gods, which I think is a pretty cool source book. Good luck


Feb 10, 2004 0:15:14
Check it out again greyson. The site you reference is the exact same as what I refered to. The only difference is the WoTC listing is in .pdf format so it is already formatted if you want to print it out and use it as reference during game play.


Feb 10, 2004 0:56:53
Okay. I see, Twilight_Knight. I got confused by the dates. I see that LG didn't get it on their site until May 2003. That's my bad, thanks for straightening me out, man.

The .pdf file is pretty sweet. HERE is a shortcut to download it directly.