The Mother, again



Feb 09, 2004 14:29:40
Yea, I am wondering about The Mother associated with the Lerara in Slerotin's Tunnel. I DMed COR3-16 Lerara Saturday at a local RPGA event. Lundeen, the adventure's author, reference the Mother as the PCs confront Meklot, the BBG. Of course, the PCs cannot enter the pit where Mother's malevolent waves of evil emenate from. So they don't see her.

One of the players meta-gamed and told us that the Mother is an Alien that lives below the Lerara settlement in the passage. She has adopted them, apparently.

I don't know if that's right or not. Any comments, fellas? I am curious, let me know if any of you have any input. Where did this mother idea come from?


Feb 11, 2004 13:11:52
I know of no canon source detailing the Mother's origins. I always figured she was a big white pudding, kinda like Newhon's "Cold Woman."


Feb 11, 2004 15:39:30
From what I remember hearing/reading (don't have any sources immediately handy) the "Mother" is not an alien per se but is an Evil entity who has adopted the Lerara after they came across "her" in their underground meanderings after the tunnel closed. I'm pretty sure this came from some form of "canon" source as that's pretty much all I use/read.


Feb 11, 2004 16:19:37
To my knowledge, The Mother was first (only?) mentioned in the Glossography to the World of Greyhawk (p. 28), from the original boxed set. Her origins are not specified.

Given that many Greyhawk fans consider the generic 2nd ed product "Night Below" to be set beneath the Hellfurnaces/Crystalmists, somewhere near the Hold of the Sea Princes or the Crystalmists, I think it would make sense to view the Mother as an exceptionally powerful form of aboleth savant (the main villain from "Night Below"). That would fit in well with the alien/Cthulhu flavour that both the Mother and the aboleth seem to share. To have yet another ultra-powerful monstrosity dwelling in the same corner of the Crystalmists/Hellfurnaces as the drow and the aboleth would be excessive, IMHO.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts, to take or leave as you will...


Feb 11, 2004 16:23:03
near the Hold of the Sea Princes or the Crystalmists

Sorry folks, that should have read "near the Hold of the Sea Princes or the Yeomanry..."



Feb 11, 2004 16:56:06
I always thought that Night beliw was originaly going to be set in Sterich.


Feb 11, 2004 17:43:18
Yes, Sterich would also be a possibility for Night Below, although the map of the surface area given in the set is more similar to the border region between the Yeomanry and the Hold of the Sea Princes than it is to Sterich (i.e., due to the presence of marshes/swamps, forests and hills... Sterich does not have much in the way of the former two). But hey, place it where it best suits your campaign...


Feb 12, 2004 19:13:41
There is no detailing of the Mother to date. The Lerara 'found' her in some side tunnels when they were trapped in Slerotin's tunnel and began to explore. It's not even clear if 'she' actually controls/directs them of if they've just crafted a weird religion around the giant Jello mold that lives near their main lair.