Feb 09, 2004 17:00:46
I have two questions about the special qualities of succubi.

The first is about the Ethereal Jaunt spell-like ability: why have they such power if the Abyss have no connection with the Ethereal Plane? How (and why) can a creature develop a way to travel through a Transitional Plane which has nothing to do with her nature or with her interests?
Note: in Planescape the Etereal was the connection between Material and Inner Planes, while the succubi live in the Outer Planes.
In the multiverse of the new Manual of Planes, the Etereal is even more insignificant from the succubi's point of view.

The second is about their energy drain ability.
The purpose of a succubus is to tempt mortals and drive their corrupted souls to the Abyss.
I haven't understood how an ability such energy drain can help her to achieve her aim.
If she uses her energy drain kiss on a mortal, he will probably die
and become a wight (I suppose... see energy drain description in DM's Guide, page 293).
A wight is not a soul for the Abyss: it is only another undead haunting the Prime Material.
It is better to kill the corrupted mortal using a sword...
Does someone know more on these creature to explain these two abilities in D&D and his multiverse? (I know the legends of the real world from which the succubi come)


Feb 10, 2004 1:23:50
The etherealness power is actually useful when they are in their preferred predatory zone, the Prime Material Plane. That is where they would spend a significant portion of their time, tempting mortals and such. As for energy drain, I think I remember reading someplace that those energy-drained to death by a succubus actually have their souls captured by the fiend, and she can take them to the Abyss, but I can't remember where I read that.


Feb 11, 2004 17:35:37
in third ed, actually (sadly, and not in my campaign) the ethereal touches the outer planes.

i suppose the energy drain is there to add a bit of kick the the race. i would house rule it somehow.


Feb 11, 2004 21:50:08
Originally posted by Togashi Kabara
in third ed, actually (sadly, and not in my campaign) the ethereal touches the outer planes.

No it doesn't, the Ethereal only touches the Prime Material in 3e, and in 2e it touched the prime and the inner planes.

The ethereal ability is to allow a succubus more freedom of movement and escape while on the prime material plane when they go soul hunting more or less.

The energy drain you might say corresponds to them siphoning off a mortal's soul, easily houseruled.

And as for this thread, wasn't it posted on another forum here already?