PS/FR help?



Feb 13, 2004 9:48:44
Well, I just got back into playing D&D and my group just started up a PS campaign from FR..took some kind of portal or something from some place in FR to Sigil in PS..and I was supposed to make a new character to join up with the group at level 10..and I was kinda getting antsy/anxious/nervous because of the change in setting here. BUT I was also excited because I played the PS:T PC game and I liked the idea of playing a rogue modron, bariaur, or a githzerai (campaign deals with fleeing silverymoon because githyanki attacked and need to get some help from Sigil). Anyway..I know it may be confusing what I was saying..I know it was confusing to me..

What I need is some advice with making a character that would fit into both FR and PS and possibly a fighter/ranger/paladin/barbarian..since the people playing are a gnome wizard and an elf cleric. What I was thinking was a Bariaur Fighter after I read up on PS3e (Just found out about the site, it is nifty!). But I can't figure out how I would bring it into Sigil since I guess they don't like city settings too much..and a Rogue Modron I am having difficulties with because from what I remember there aren't too many outside of Mechanus. And then there is the Githzerai..possibly a fighter..I mean it would definately fit with the whole Githyanki attack..I am just freaking confused here!

So it would be nice if people gave me some advice, tips, help or whatever else possible for a level 10 character for what I was talking about..and give the +ECL cuz I didn't see any of them on PS3e.


Feb 13, 2004 10:00:42
Well Sucineri, any of your choices would be appropriate to find in the City of Doors. Bariaur, Rogue Modrons, and Githzeri all make their home in the Cage. Any race could theoretically fit into an FR campaign. Rogue Modrons would be fodder for any Gondsman or Lantanese gnome or artifacer. Bariaurs would fit in the Silver Marches quite well (anywhere centaurs or hybsils dwell). And the Githzeri would definitely be interested in not only fighting off a Githyanki Incursion, but would savor an opportunity to strike out at any Illithids in the Underdark (ah, Rrakkma bands).

For their stats look here Releases
You'll have to downlad the Chapter 2 .rtf file to see the races.


Feb 13, 2004 10:19:18
So does this planewalker place just have 2E stuff or is it all converted to 3E? Also I read PS3e a little more with skills and stuff and I liked the idea of basing my skills on the skills on that site such as contortionist/survival (urban)/profession (beggar)..and then maybe escape artist/ I believe I might want to be a rogue type character instead.

Would a githzerai be a rogue? I really have a feeling I wanna do a githzerai character.


Feb 13, 2004 10:27:35
Planewalker is all 3.0 material. I'm not sure if they are updating to 3.5 just yet.

A githzeri rogue? With a +6 dex modifier you can safely say that there are many githzeri rogues around (though Monk is their favored class).


Feb 13, 2004 11:13:19
I can see a Githzerei rogue easily, though as Primemover pointed out monk would be their primary discipline (those following Zerthimon would be heavily pushed towards this). Though Psion/Psionic warrior would to me seem appropriate as well. Of course the Wizard-King of the 'zerei is himself a Wizard/Fighter IIRC.

I havn't heard anything about updating to 3.5. I don't even have the 3.5 core books yet myself. Not that I'm likely to have a roll in the number crunching aspect of Planewalker, because I'll admit that I stink with balancing things from a number's aspect. I play too loose with the rule 0 as is.


Feb 13, 2004 12:55:40
At the risk of waking up dead tommorow, githzerai ends in an "-ai" not an "-ei." At least the as I've learned it, I originally thought that Shemeska had two h's, so it's live and learn on the planes.

As for Sucineri, you could pick pretty much any planar race to pick up in Sigil, it's not your average city. Even though it's smoggy and distinctly urban, it's really just another plane, and a sodding well-connected one at that. Even though bariaurs don't like cities, the quickest way between pastures is sometimes through the City of Doors. I would recomend a githzerai (they would make good rogues come to think of it) or a bauriar (probably your best bet for a strong arm basher, their general attitude is like a Gaulic centaur, friendly but fiercly independent). Modrons, while they're fun to play and definitely easy to find in the Cage, are probably to problematic if you're going back to the Realms. The planetouched are also good choices for going back to the Realms but, since FR has... ahem, "aquired" them as their own, you might not consider them exotic enough to be cross-over characters.

If you're looking for a resistance leader against the githyanki, the githzerai are a good choice (obviously) and bariaur are always up for helping freedom fighters.


Feb 13, 2004 13:13:42
Originally posted by primemover003
A githzeri rogue? With a +6 dex modifier you can safely say that there are many githzeri rogues around (though Monk is their favored class).

Your kidding me, right? THE Chaotic PC race (other than Chaond, I guess) favors a lawful-only class? I guess I should read the .rtf's I download a little more closely.


Feb 13, 2004 14:00:19
Githzerai aren't inherently chaotic, they simply live in the plane of utter chaos because they're weird like that. Most are neutral (except the monks who are usually LN, and the xaositects, who of course are CN).


Feb 13, 2004 14:23:07
Two things: Both Gith subraces are a contradiction in part. They as individuals tend to be extremely chaotic and obsessed with individual freedom. However their society and/or plane of habitation has created a rigidly lawful social structure. Be it by the military structure and rule of the Lich Queen in the case of the 'yanki, or the imposed order to keep their cities from dissolving into chaos matter in Limbo, plus the increasingly strict rule of the Wizard-King for the 'zerai (see! I got it right this time!).

To a tiny extent the chaos/law rules of alignment don't fit snugly into place for describing either of the Gith races.

And yes Mephit James I routinely spell githzerai the wrong way. Thanks for keeping me on my fiendish little toes

*runs around Sigil, taunting mephits by shouting "Githzerei w/ two e's!" at them*


Feb 13, 2004 14:24:16
Originally posted by Lord of the Ninth
Githzerai aren't inherently chaotic, they simply live in the plane of utter chaos because they're weird like that. Most are neutral (except the monks who are usually LN, and the xaositects, who of course are CN).

That's actually a departure from the githzerai from 2nd Edition. They were a race in Limbo that were mostly chaotic neutral, with some being either true neutral or chaotic good. The githzerai also looked at lawful members of their race pretty strangely. They even preferred to be either fighters or wild mages. Now 3e has changed all that and made monks the favored class to what used to be an inherently chaotic race.


Feb 13, 2004 15:54:41
I guess my age is just showing...that will teach me to rely on 2e knowledge regarding the planes and the inhabitants.


Feb 15, 2004 12:34:16
Yes there have been many changes to the Githzerai as a whole, but I think it's a good change. They were always insular and xenophobic. Their cities always kept non-zerai in a seperate ghetto or district. It's not odd to find them now to be Monk's sequestered away in their monasteries. It also makes for wonderful dovetailing into the psionic classes (can't wait for XPH).