Ship of Chaos



Feb 13, 2004 9:50:02
For any of you that may or may not have read the latest War of the Spider Queen novel Extinction, I'll just let you know that a Ship of Chaos is featured in it towards the end and I'm guessing will be a major arc in the next installment of the series.

So to keep off the novels, were the Ships a complete Tanar'ri concept or were the Sinkers involved in all of them? Extinction claims the ship had been lost on Toril for centuries, IIRC In the Abyss claimed that the SoC the PC's go after was one of the first. Discuss...


Feb 13, 2004 11:06:42
It was a Sinker concept that they sold the idea on to the Tanar'ri in exchange for the Tanar'ri helping them make them, and giving them a few of them for their own use. After all, there was a Vrock brain plugged into each ship IIRC. (I don't own the module)

I'm inclined to say that the info in the WotSQ novel was artistic license. And frankly it's a small inconsistancy for the timeline. I'm more than pleased to see a Planescape concept featured in an FR book than I am displeased that they played with the numbers.


Feb 13, 2004 12:58:46
I played through that one, so I don't know all the specifics about it, but there were two brains in the ship, and I suspect at least one was derived from a vrock's brain.


Feb 15, 2004 12:27:36
yeah I loved using the Force projectors on my PC's. I just thought it was cool to see yet another PS convention in the FR who continue to claim they are divorced from the Great Ring.


Feb 15, 2004 20:03:48
Time does strange things across planar boundaries, sometimes. Especially in the planes of chaos.


Feb 15, 2004 21:30:16
It does... the book says the ship traveled out of the Abyss onto the River of Shadow (which has a tributary on the Plain of Infinite Portals) then it got caught in a great storm and ended up in the Lake of shadows In Torils Underdark (I'm guessing it's east of Anauroch, don't have my UD book on me)